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The totals below represent the results for the anchor and phrase voting for the period specified. The links for the anchors will take you to their respective phrase lists. The links for the phrases will take you directly to the phrase detail screens. Remember that any votes you cast through the phrase detail screens will be applied to the current month, not the results below.

Top Sports Anchors - 10/1/2000
Jason Jackson 232
Trey Wingo 227
Kenny Mayne 215
Keith Olbermann 166
Stuart Scott 137

Top Catch Phrases - 10/1/2000
He's not my vydas. He's not your vydas. He's Arvydas. 79
Boo-yah! 65
Kickin' the flavor. 40
Get down with your bad self. 34
He scored [number] off the bench. Had he been on the bench, he'd have been out of bounds. 26
Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. 26
Your puny ballparks are too small to contain my gargantuan blasts! Bring me the finest meats and cheeses for a clubhouse feast! 16
Aye, Papi, I did not know you could do it like that. 13
Good morning. I'm Tiger Woods, and right now, so is he for that matter. 13
En fuego. 10
He's choppin' broccoli. 10

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