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Are you interested in how well your SportsCenter favorites line up with the rest of the public? In three month intervals, the SportsCenter Altar tallies anchor and phrase votes through the Phrases section and posts the results here. At the end of each interval, the votes are reset and archived so that seasonal favorites can have a chance to shine. Only the top five anchors and top ten phrases are shown, so if you don't see your favorites on the list, go make a vote! The anchor links will take you to their respective phrase lists. The phrase links will take you directly to the detail screens. Old results are also now available for viewing from previous voting periods.

Top Sports Anchors
Chris Berman 3
Keith Olbermann 2
Stuart Scott 2
Kenny Mayne 1
Steve Albert 0
Andre Aldridge 0
John Anderson 0
Bruce Beck 0
Larry Beil 0
Jim Bergamo 0
...And more tied at 0 votes 0

Top Catch Phrases
He...could...go...all...the...way! [and he does!/but he doesn't!] 2
Behold the power of cheese. 1
He gacked on it. 1
You can put it on the board...YES! 1
You can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him. 1
...not pictured. 0
[Football player] has decided to tackle people on behalf of the [NFL team]. Terms of the contract are not disclosed, but we believe it has something to do with money. 0
[Gangsta/pimp] slaps... 0
[Golf/Goff] shots, nothing but [golf/goff] shots. 0
[Name of player]...he's better than you are. 0
[Player 1] here, [Player 2] there 0
[Player name] had [number] assistises. 0
[Player's full name], you get in this house right now! 0
A do-si-do and away they go. 0
A good craftsman doesn't blame his tools. 0
Access denied! 0
Ahh to be young and athletic. 0
Alongside my tag team partner [Keith Olbermann/Kenny Mayne], I'm merely Dan Patrick. 0
And aloha means goodbye. 0
...And more tied at 0 votes 0

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