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Phrase Back, back, back, back, back.
Anchor Chris Berman
Reference he got it from a HR (almost) call from the late, great Red Barber, from a classic 1947 Yanks/Dodgers WS game 6, where Al Gionfriddo robbed Joe Dimaggio of a HR 
Sport Baseball

How Is It Used?
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His classic home run call.
probably the most annoying anchor doing sports today and this, along with his ridiculously stupid and self-serving nicknames, might be the worst call there is. So forced and unnatural.
it might be, it cold be, it is! A home run!
When a ref eats a sandwich
It is used during the Century 21 Home Run Derby.
When the quarterback is moving in the endzone and is nearly sacked.
This quote and the Century 21 Homerun Derby is a match made in heaven. During its broadcast every year, Berman will say the word "back" more than all of his other words combined. I am usually an advocate of the idea that tasteful discretion is key...but in this situation I go against it. I love that every single homerun in a homerun derby Berman feels like he needs to alert the viewers that the ball is going back!
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