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Phrase That's levitation, Holmes.
Anchor Scott Van Pelt
Reference lyric from Tenacious D's song "Wonder Boy" 
Sport General

How Is It Used?
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Home run or levitating basketball move.
Home run or a slam dunk - comes from the Tenacious D song "Wonder Boy" - "How 'bout the power of flight? That do anything for ya? It's levitation, holmes."
Used when Priest Holmes leaps over the line of scrimmage to score a TD.
Scott, make up your mind -- golf or football? Don't people see through Scott's personality? Stick to golf.
Scott is an awesome caster, soaring over the crowd of bland sports announcers around the world...THAT's levitation, holmes!
It's from Burt Renolds' character in "Boogie Nights" about pornstar John Holmes.
Johnny Drama- VICTORY!
When LeBron James kisses the rim when he lays down a power dunk.
Anytime a player for the Maryland Terrapins stuffs a nasty rim-rattler down an opponent's throat.
What Peter said to Simon when Jesus ascended to heaven.
^^^ one of the most awesome things I've heard in a long time^^^
Whoa, Burt Reynolds? No. It's Tenacious D.
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