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Phrase And it's time to play the feud!
Anchor Rich Eisen
Reference Richard Dawson, host of the old game show Family Feud 
Sport General

How Is It Used?
Sure a phrase may "read" cool, but how is it really used? In what situation would someone yell it out? You can submit and catalog how the phrases are used along with their cultural references. The currently logged uses are listed below.
This is frequently a baseball phrase, used just before a brawl busts out.
During a hockey fight.
This quote is often used in a baseball brawl or other sport conflict to indicate that two separate parties are fighting.
When two hockey players drop their gloves to start a hockey fight, or when a player is charging the mound to start a baseball brawl.
When a husband informs his wife that he's coaching baseball again and he volunteered her to be the team mom and the concession stand chairperson.
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