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Phrase [Player 1] here, [Player 2] there
Anchor Steve Berthiaume
Sport Basketball

How Is It Used?
Sure a phrase may "read" cool, but how is it really used? In what situation would someone yell it out? You can submit and catalog how the phrases are used along with their cultural references. The currently logged uses are listed below.
Used in a basketball pass where the person who is credited with the assist is "here" and the shooter is "there".
The reference to this quote should be to Steve Somers of WFAN, New York's First Sports Radio Station, and might I add, the 50,000 Watt clear channel voice of the Mets, Giants, Knicks, and Rangers. Steve, often, when going to the 20/20 update, says "Steve Somers here and you there, on the FAN New York City!" So, clearly this phrase must be cited properly to a great radio station on the FAN New York!
I agree totally. The credit for that phrase MUST be given to Steve Somers, a.k.a. Captain Midnight, a.k.a. the Schmoozer. "Well, good evenin' to you and how ya be? At 6:56 and 15 seconds on the Fan New York City. Steve Somers here and you there..." classic Somers. His opening monologues rock.
Another thing that is uniquely Somers. Instead of saying "Seven one eight, nine three seven, sixty-six sixty-six" he goes with, at least lately, the "One, seven one eight, nine, three seven, six, six, six, six". I know he's been going with the "six, six, six, six" for a while now but anyone know if he's always gone with the "one" in front? I think that may be a new trick this old dog has learned!!!
Steve Berthiaume rules!!! Wicked hard slap shot. Kick save and a beauty, kick save..... AND A BEAUTY!!!!
ball here ball here
Say hello to my littttle friend! I hear so many people say that because of him
Darius Miles here, LeBron James there.
That little twirp Berthiaume better give some props to Somers for that line sometime. He even affects the nasaly Somers accent when he says it. FAN comes in crystal clear in Bristol so he probably stole it after listening in one night. Somers is the best host on the FAN. Too bad he's only on for like 20 minutes a night between Mike and Dog and a Met game. Best Somers moment: A couple years back there was some guy trying out in camp for the NY Jets named Earthwind Moreland. He never made the team. Somers says, "Did the Jets cut Earthwind Moreland because he lacked fire?" Classic shtick. That and the old favorite, "The Rangers traded Joe Shmoe for a player to be named later. What if he already has a name?"
I love when Schmooer torments Icelander fans. "And we all know the Icelanders will be watching at home this spring, with PLAYS LIKE THIS!..." (Cue embarassing highlight or Ranger moment)
Steve Berthiaume has been using the here, there quote at least since he was at CNN/SI in Atlanta, so the fact that WFAN can be heard in Bristol is completely irrelevant.
As we proceed with caution with a Thursday schmooze until the overnight success that he is, Joe B. at 1, on the FAN...NEW YORK!!!
And how can you not think of Joe B. without The Incomparable Sugar Ray Martel on the other side of the glass, "OhhOhhhOhh Shooga!"
AHAH.. I *love* that. You know what's funny as hell? It's when Shy Levy is on the other side of the glass... "Shy Levy is on the other side of the glass... TOO, SHY-SHY!"
What song is that from even? It's like Boy George or something singing "Too Shy-Shy"
Steve Somers is popular even in Atlanta. This is the mac daddy Schmoozer you're talking about! And anyone in sports knows about the #1 sports talk radio program in the nation coming out of Astoria. He probably listened to the clips on but it doesn't matter if he knew about the saying or not. The fact is that Steve Somers was using it back when Berthiaume was in diapers and owns a copyright on it.
I think Berthiaume needs to pay royalties to the Shmoozer each time he uses that phrase. Unless Somers has sold the rights to it. "Steve Somers here, you there! Matt Doyche, Eddie Robinson! They're on the other side of the glass!"
Don't forget the one, seven-one-eight...
...the 20-20, the whole thing already, MARK MALUSIS
BTW, Schmoozer had a brief acting career. No, I'm serious, you can look it up. He starred in a film entitled "The Visitor" circa 1979. I'm not sure how big a role it was but I'm going to go rent it nevertheless.
... and the knicks win!
There are few things better than when Schmoozie toys with Jerome from Manhattan. "So Jerome, do you like the Yankees acquisition of Rondell White?" "NOOOOOOO!!! He's a bum!!!! He STINKS!!!" "When are they gonna get Guerrero?!?!?"
I remember listening in one time, and someone called and talked to Somers for about 5 straight minutes about about the best place to get Chinese food near Shea Stadium.
I remember once when Somers was able to get Jerome to put his mom on the phone. That was a ground-breaking moment in the history of sports talk radio.
he says "for three" really weird
Keep on schmoozin' Captain Midnight!!!
STEVE Berthiaume RULLLLEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!! SAY HELLO ... tomylilfren!!!
Why are we talking about that lipmy Berthiaume. This thread is for another Steve...Coming at you over night, and under the covers, on the FAN....NEW YORK!
I have nothing against Berthiaume. In fact, I like him, but I must admit he is no Shmoozer.
Why does he say "Glove save and a beauty..........Glove save.........and a beauty," with the pause, the weird accent, and why twice?
Anyone ever catch one of Schmoozer's Ranger Rehab shows? I was stuck in traffic one night during the middle of the Hockey season, and the Rangers were doing poorly in the standings as usual. For a good hour or so, he did the show like it was a call-in self-help program for estranged and depressed Ranger fans.
i think "for three" is obviously a tribute to marv fact i think that voice in general is just supposed to be marv albert --- i love steve
I don't agree with that assessment. I catch most of the Knick games on MSG so I am familiar with the Marv calls. It's more like "Here's HOU-ston fuh THREE...yesss. Oh, Allen Houston is. on. FIRE. from downtown tonight."
Actually, the name of the song used when introducing Shy Levy is "Too Shy" by Kajagoogoo.
Actually, Berthiaume's "here...there" phrase is from Sesame Street (elmo,perhaps?) and has nothing to do with Steve Somers.
I disagree with that assessment, I went to high school with Steve Berthiaum and even at that point, his knowledge about sports and players was extremely impressive. He possessed an outstanding ability to instantly recall scores, analyze plays, and assess key player's abilities among the major sports teams. He studied the best sportscasters in the business and in my view; his objective is to bring to his audience (whether it was his classmates back then ...or a national audience now) the highest quality sportscast around. It was his passion. In my estimation, his use of specific phrases is simply to enhance the audience's enjoyment of the game and the broadcast. He was an athlete in his own right running the Boston marathon in high school. One possible explanation of his use of the phrase might have come from when he ran cross-country... that is "I am [here] at the finish line... and you are [there] in second place” although that is just a theory.
No, I still think he stole it from the Schmoozer.
No matter where he got the phrase from, Schmoozer came up with it first. I can be a genius and discover how to split the atom on my own without knowing that it's already be done, but that doesn't mean I get credit for splitting the atom. Steve Somers has using the phrase "Steve Somers here, you there..." a loooong time before Berthiaume ever came up with it.
He 100% definte stole it. No question. I grew up in the City (I live in Boston now, and can STILL get the FAN if it's clear enuff ^^), and Somer's has been saying that forever.
On a nice, clear night, you can hear the 50,000 Watts of WFAN at least as far as central Vermont (got friends there and know it for a fact.) Schmoozer's been by my side every time. The Knicks are now on that miserable station up the dial and the NHL has foleded...uh I mean is locked out, so the Schmoozer is on every night from 630 - 10. If they could only get rid of the Continent, who is a disaster from 10-1, Schmoozie could take us all the way until Joe Beningo, and the incomparable Sugar Ray Martel on the other side of the glass from 1-530. Awwwwww Shhoga.
Well good evening to you, an how ya be, at 11:05 and 37 seconds, on a Tuesday night on your fan New York City. Steve Somers here, and YOU there...Eddie Robinson, Matt Deutsch, they're on the other side of the glass. THE Eddie Robinson? No, Eddie Scazzeri! And 1, 718, 937...6666, that happens to be the number for another 2 hours of schmooze until the overnight sensation that he is, Joe B. at 1...on the Fan ...NEW YORK! And Jerome is calling from Manhattan...
Steve B. is good for sportscenter. Very well spoken. However, Steve Somers is the man and "Let's face it, already, ...that's between you, me, and the lamp-post"
This site is ridiculous, and some of you people really need to get out of the house considering what seems to turn you on. BTW, Steve Somers is so freakin overrated. WFAN fired him once (because nobody could tolerate him), and I wouldn't be surprised if they can him again in the near-future. And comparing Berthiaume and Somers is bizarre considering one is on national TV while the other is on local radio. Either way, Berthiaume has already said many more memorable things on SportsCenter than Somers has ever said on the radio.
Cassel is open for --- 3, and this kid can flat out shoot the basketball. Good work Steve.
You're right, there is no comparison between Steve B. and the Schmoozer, but you're wrong about everything else. Steve B. is clearly inferior to Somers. Steve B. gets to watch the highlights and rehearse what he will say and write it beforehand. Somers has to come up with witty sayings off the top of his head. Steve B. gets to re-record any mistakes he makes on the quasi-live version for the taped versions of the show later. Somers has to be right on and perfect all the time and can't fix mistakes. Steve B. is just 1 person of a huge team of people, while Somers is the main man who has to keep the show going basically by himself (with a little help from the man on the other side of the glass) for hours. Steve B. has an easy job that anyone could do, while Somers needs LOTS of talent to get by. And it's not "just" a local radio station.. it's by far the greatest and most popular sports radio station in the world. Steve B. is good, but he doesn't compare to Captain Midnight!
You are right. Not only does Berthiaume get to re-hearse his material a lot, but he also only has to be talking for a short period of time on a short half-hour show. And not to mention he doesn't even have to write lots of the material since HE STEALS A LOT OF MATERIAL FROM SCHMOOZER!!!!
Steve B is nice to listen to and certainly entertaining but that line of me here you there started in at least 1988 when Steve B was in High School. However, I do not think that either person can do the other persons job. The following is for the Steve Somers fans to enjoy and for those who never heard Steve Somers a chance to laugh with us: Well good evening to you and how you be at 11:54 and 59 seconds on the day before New Years. Me here you there Dovining Dove Kramer and Eddie Sczarry on the other side of the glass. THE Eddie Sczarry? No, the Board of Ed, who do you think we're talking or No, Mr. Ed, who do you think we're talking or No, Eddie Giaccomin, who do you think we're taking or No, Ed McMahon, who do you think we're talking or No, Ed Kranepool, who do you think we're talking or No, Eddie Haskin, who do you think we're talking or No, Ed Norton, who do you think we're talking or No, Ed Wynn, who do you think we're talking or No, Ed Mil, who do you think we're talking The list keeps going but we continue: "1-718-937-6666 talking a little s-p-o-r-t-s until the best of Imus at 5:30 on your fan NEW YORK." Referring to the glory days of the Ice-lander fans at the Nassau Mausoleum with Al 'H'arbor, Darius 'Karp'eritus and Lorne Herring A recent poem to all Yankee fans for whom he pretends to care for after calling them the biggest chokers in sports finished in a typical Steve Somers friendly voice..."fear not my fellow Yankee fans as for the letters NY on your pinstripes stand for wait ‘til next year." When I called him I said that he was the best, his response, “At what?" At what you do. "When you find out, let me know." Always modest and extremely understanding to listen to after many Mets "close" games loosing 8 to 1 or Knicks 124-87 "nail bitters" At 11:59 and 23 seconds we now offer you free of charge, the flash, the update the whole thing…Richard Ackerman!!
Say hello to my little friend
Let's not forget before the flash, the update, the whole thing Joe with his Tollis on or Bob with his shoes on. Islander fans can't forget living life on Short Island. I will be on until the NEts Pregame at 9:50...The NEts...9:50...what could be better!!!
What's happening Steve?...YOU are..
Steve B. is the Best! He is the most entertaining, well spoken, and best looking anchor on ESPN. Who cares were he gets his sayings if they keep us intereseted and amused? It's nice to see someone so devoted and happy to do his job.
dwayne wade here shaq there or say hello to reaf lafrezne is a classic.
Steve Somers is the best. After Glavine's win over the Cardinals in May, as I rode home from the game, I'll never forget Steve summing up Tommy's performance with this: "It was pretty damn good, if you can say good on the radio."
ooh i remember that game...floyd hit two moon shots and glavine did the rest...and as for this berthiaume guy stealing the schmooze's line...he did but recently gave somers credit for it on sportscenter..he prefaced is by saying "as steve somers would say" or something like that
ever notice that when a caller is rambling and the schmooze is bored with him, he goes: "uhhuh...uhhuh" after every point the caller makes? they should've had him do the 25 hour marathon to ring in the 18th anniversary of the FAN...New York! this week. He has more history with the station than FranDog anyway, and a helluva lot more loyalty "Well a good evening to you and how ya be? At 5 o'clock and 21 seconds, Steve Somers here, you there. Taking you up to Eddie C and Mets Extra at 6:30 tomorrow evening already! Matt Deutsch. Eddie Robinson. They're on the other side of the CITY in Astoria, for cryin' out loud." I love it too when they go to him for the Mets' rain delay. "It's the human rain delay! We'll get you back to the two greatest baseball announcers on the whole Eastern seaboard already! That being Gary and Howie, of course."
Steve Berthiaume is the man. I love it when he says, "SAY HELLO TO MY LIL FRIEND!!!, and when he says, "Allen Iverson here, Andre Iguodala there!!! It's Great and he's the greatest
When he says, "Yard" of "He hit that Wicked Faw" I love that
"Picture a man sitting alone in his room: no family, no friends, just a phone and the sports section. A man obsessively pondering the fate of the Yanks, Jets and Knicks. His is a dimension of sight, of sound - but of no mind. There's a rubber room up ahead. You're entering ... The Jerome Zone." This is probably the best thing that the Shmooze has come up with.
where's the catch phrase "makes the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream"? thats the best catch phrase no competition
"Steve Somers here you there... A little S.P.O.R.T.S. with you under the covers schmoozing until IMUS in morning at 5:30...Antoinette calling from her cellphone...Antoinette why are we a Fakers Fan...with the fancy Kobe Bryant." Schmooz is the Best Going!!
Es cuando le maman la verga ahi y aca
I miss the Schmoozer sooo much now that I moved away from NY. We get an ESPN Radio station here but its so generic.
Steve Berthiaume is a Sports Anchor god!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve B Is HOT
the New York Mosoleum. Darius Kasparminus. Jason Giambi - The Sultan of 'Shot'. E-Rod. The Continent is a fat slob and should only remain on Imus. Shmoozer definetely comes up with the best nicknames.
Have you heard about this Calvin Kraft Kid
smoozers' the best with the mets/knickerbockers suicide hotlines
Totally Somers shtick!
Wade here Shaq there
does anyone remember when. Jerome was calling in. and he started to rant right of the bat and steve cut him off in 13 SECONDS. Steve cuts him off the air, pauses and says "13 seconds, a new rocord." please tell me someone remembers that. that was my favorite Somers moment. Somers rules! But the Rangers suck! Lets Go Islanders
racecar spelled backwardes is racecar
Best Steve Somers moment - instead of watching Super Bowl XXV with colleagues at WFAN before his shift, he decided to watch it on a Watchman on a train from Philly up to NY to do his shift. Bad decision - the train entered the tunnel to Penn Station just as the Bills were making their final drive so the Schmooze never saw Scott Norwood kick it wide right!
the giambino
furr thurree
"Phill thine horn with oil...and go"
"Souvenir City Chamber of Commerce, Eric Young President
"Jose Reyes. Every body clap your hands."
Downtherightfieldline!!!!! Like its one word.
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