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Phrase Yoiks, and away!
Anchor Rich Eisen
Reference 1958 Looney Tunes cartoon "Robin Hood Daffy" 
Sport Baseball

How Is It Used?
Sure a phrase may "read" cool, but how is it really used? In what situation would someone yell it out? You can submit and catalog how the phrases are used along with their cultural references. The currently logged uses are listed below.
Robin Hood Daffy, trying to show Friar Tuck [Porky Pig] that he steals from the rich and gives to the poor, hollers "Yoiks, and away!" swinging from a tree and getting whammed into by another tree. The scene is repeated [with slurred speech] as he runs into tree after tree.
EXAMPLE: "It's a grounder to Vizciano, and...yoiks, and away!"
EXAMPLE: Clip after clip of each homerun in one game by a ballclub is shown, each homer is followed by "yoiks, and away!".
When someone hits a groundball, usually to 1st or 2nd base, and they throw it over the 1st baseman's head, or the pitcher's -- whoever's covering.
When someone makes a throwing error, used mostly when it goes over someone's head. Also can be used if someone throws a wild pitch over the catcher's head.
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