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Phrase Hooooooome rrrrrrrun.
Anchor Kenny Mayne
Reference From an interview with a player who could barely speak English and was trying to talk about his favorite part of baseball. 
Sport Baseball

How Is It Used?
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Said with a Latin accent. Only says it when Latin players in the MLB go yard. The delivery is awesome. He starts sounding like Darth Vader with the "hoooooooooo" and then rolls the R.
Here's the pitch...Sosa swings. Dare I say hooooome raaaaaaaaaaan for Sosa!
It sounds like "jonron" (pronounced hone-RONE), a slang Spanish phrase for "home run" in Puerto Rico and other areas with English influence.
Kenny Mayne once said in a broadcast of SportsCenter that he asked a Latin baseball announcer how to say "home run", and the response was "hoooooooome rrrrrrrrun".
Now stolen by ex-WWE employee Jonathon Coachman. Coach, KNOW YOUR ROLE AND SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!
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