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Phrase Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.
Anchor Chris Berman
Sport Football

How Is It Used?
Sure a phrase may "read" cool, but how is it really used? In what situation would someone yell it out? You can submit and catalog how the phrases are used along with their cultural references. The currently logged uses are listed below.
The phrase is usually used when the Bills are in a must-win football game.
When the Bills actually circle wagons.
I generally use this as a catch phrase in any situation when I feel insecure.... As I'm sure it was intended by a true Bills fan...Chris Berman.
When the Bills go on the road and win as underdogs, or any other team for that matter.
This refers to the run of 4 straight Super Bowl losses the Bills suffered in the early 90's. Each year, the team circled the wagons and made another run, culminating in another painful loss.
Used when a team underestimates the strength and courage of the Buffalo Bills ('92 Oilers for example).
It's when the Bills get things going at the end of a game to make a big play, come from behind, make a goal-line stand, or just win, baby!
Is this a quote about William F. Cody, "Buffalo Bill"?
It just means that the Bills are the best team in the NFL.
Used any time the Bills pull a game out when they shouldn't (think Cincinnati Bengals 2003). Yes THOSE Bengals.
Who cares? The Bills suck, and Drew "The Tin Man" Bledsoe is too slow to circle a damn wagon.
A measure of desperation, this term has now entered the political lexicon as well, as we see the GOP flailing helplessly in its efforts to defend the immoral and illegal actions of the Bush administration.
It refers to when the Buffalo Bills came back from a 35-7 defecit against the Houston Texans and won 41-38.
That's Houston Oilers* my bad
It is simply used to show how sweet the Bills really are
35 - 3, but that's neither here nor there.
Used for when the Bill's comeback...or when the Bill's screw up and end up losing...the latter was replaced by "Bill's Special Teams"
Basically anytime the Bills win, lose, tie, play a game in the snow, fire a head coach, play musical quarterback chairs, that sort of thing.
A new concept of special teams. Kick the ball out of bounds and have the oponent start at the 40, then hope the league's 2nd best defense in 2003 can keep them out of the end zone, because that's just not possible on a kick return.
A backup QB stepping it up when it matters most (i.e. Frank Reich).
It has to do with a family on the Oregon trail getting trampled by a herd of buffalos
To get pumped up for a game
The wagon is the end zone. The Bills simply circle it over and over cause they can't ever find their way into it anymore.
When the Buffalo Bills start 0-4 and still make the playoffs.
B.oy I. L.ove L.osing S.uperbowls
Chris Berman is a hack. He slurps the Bills and Niners unmercifully. He is so full of himself.
Buffalo is going to be a forced to be reckoned with this year you bird's,
I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the Bush administration.
I love Chris Berman, and he is so right. I am a Bills season ticket holder and no one does circle the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.
Bill's special teams...
When DA BILLS circle the wagons, they trample all 31 teams while at it.
all the other teams are the wagons and Buffalo just runs circles around them
It just means that the Bills are the best team in the NFL.
This phrase really applied to those great early 90's Bills teams, which were full of veteran leaders on both sides of the ball. Berman used to use the phrase to refer to any big game, usually a late season, interdivisional matchup in which the division lead was being threatened (ie all those home games in the snow against Miami). Even if the Bills had gone through a poor stretch of play, they pulled it together when it mattered most, better than any team in the league.
Circle the wagons means only conversing with people close to you (like your family) and excluding everyone else. How does that relate to the Buffalo Bills or any other team?
Just like two suggestions above mine, when the Bills are losing or lose a big game, they 'circle the wagons' and don't get down on themselves.
When we're underdawgs.
Berman is not saying the Bills are the only team that circles the wagon, but that they do it best! This means they come together as a team to win.
It's because every other NFL fan jumps a bandwagon. Bills fans stay true. IE: the Cowboys bandwagon, Patriots bandwagon, Atlanta Braves Bandwagon, NY Yankees and Red Sox.
When Buffalo scores 10 points in the last 4 minutes to stay undefeated...even after giving up 3 turnovers.... That is when we say it.
When Marshawn breaks 4 tackles on a 3rd and 7 and still gets the first down.
beast mode...nobody circles the wagons lyk the buffalo bill
when crhis berman doesnt have anything else to say
when other teams tries to circles the wagon .. some time hey fail to circle and go on a straight line ... but when buffalo bills circles ... boy .. they circles all right ...
This is /the/ cheer for the 4th quarter rally victories. And 3 out of 5 current victories (Oct 31, 2008) this year have been like that.
It is used when the Bills continue to win meaningless games in the regular season, but not enough to make the playoffs...for 10 years.
"Circle the wagons" is a term used when a wagon train would circle their covered wagons during the 1800s in the western U.S. to defend against Indian attacks.
The Bills suck, pack the wagons and move to LA
Circle the Wagons = taking Jameson shots as a group
Circling the wagons = beating the Pats 34-31 after falling behind 21-0 early on (all with a QB from Harvard, a RB from D3, & top 3 WRs being either undrafted or 7th round picks)
it means no other team has more band wagoner fans than the bills
it means that beerman is a bunson
Patriots are better.
They may be good at circling their wagons, but that's about it.
It means that other teams can circle the wagons, but NOBODY can circle the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.
Berman is referring to the manner in which the Bills rally like rabid dogs manning wagons, circling their opponents, and attacking them to the point their limbs are like raw bloody sushi.
When the Buffalo Bills try really hard and give an A+ effort
These discussions over this phrase are ridiculous... circling the wagons was a defense for pioneers on the frontier against danger, they'd put all the wagons in a circle as a perimeter. It's a term for rallying, saving themselves from danger and being victorious. In the case of Berman and the 90's Jim Kelly-led Buffalo Bills, they were always winning games that they had terrible starts to, and getting come-back victories. So when it looked bad and like the game could be over, the Buffalo Bills would "circle the wagons" and come back for the victory. Period. That's it.
And they did a good job of it, and that's why "Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills" do
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