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Phrase You see what happened...was...I don't know.
Anchor Stuart Scott
Reference comedy from Bill Cosby 
Sport General

How Is It Used?
Sure a phrase may "read" cool, but how is it really used? In what situation would someone yell it out? You can submit and catalog how the phrases are used along with their cultural references. The currently logged uses are listed below.
When a player makes an error, it's as if he's trying to make an excuse..."See, what had happened was..."
When a WR blows past a CB for a huge gain.
When the goalie is baffled by a shot.
this is from fresh prince not cosby
When someone misses a layup to win a game.
The tern should actuall read "You see, what HAD happened was ..."
Lemme help you. "The TERM should ACTUALLY read: You see, what HAD happened was ..."
When a kicker badly misses a field goal.
When a coach or manager meets with the team owner to explain a horrible season.
This if from Bill Cosby first. Fresh Prince stole it from him.
Anytime an athlete makes a costly or embarassing mistake.
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