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Phrase We have a DE-VELOP-ING SIT-U-ATION!
Anchor Bill Pidto
Sport General

How Is It Used?
Sure a phrase may "read" cool, but how is it really used? In what situation would someone yell it out? You can submit and catalog how the phrases are used along with their cultural references. The currently logged uses are listed below.
When a batter gets ready to charge the mound after he gets hit by a pitch.
Used when the announcer is so ahead of the video highlights that he has to slow down his words so that the highlights can catch up.
You have billy Pidto where is his partner Stan Verrett? the two of theme are awsome!
"The Judge", Bill Pidto, is the man. Keep up the good work. SportsCenter needs more Bill Pidto.
Has been used to tell of a no hitter in progress.
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