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Phrase He's 206!
Anchor Keith Olbermann
Reference Sketch from tv show "Monty Python's Flying Circus" 
Sport General

How Is It Used?
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You know how old he is? He's 206!
Reference is from Eddie Murphy's "Coming to America" when they were talking about Joe Lewis.
That doesn't make sense considering the line in that movie is "Joe Lewis was 137 years old!"
This actually comes from the "Mister Neutron" episode of "Monty Python's Flying Circus", which was a running joke: GRAHAM CHAPMAN: Dame Margot Fontayne. Do you know how old she is? ERIC IDLE: No. CHAPMAN: She's 206!
Used to describe players who are still active long after their prime years, such as Robert Parrish...
Julio Franco
Yep, it's the Monty Python reference.
Once I heard Olbermann refer to some really old player (I forget who) as "he's 412!"
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