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Phrase Gianluca Pagliuca.
Anchor Keith Olbermann
Reference used as an expletive after Gary Miller couldn't get the Italian soccer goalie's name out of his mouth and used a real expletive 
Sport General

How Is It Used?
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When those European guys have 30 syllable last names.
Sometimes used when a manager/coach/player is arguing with an official and you can read his lips as he uses expletives.
When somebody knocks all of your Cokes and hotdogs out of your hands to do the WAVE.
I recently watched Caddyshack and the great Bill Murray was telling a story about caddying for the Dalai Lama. During the story the Lama utters what sounds like Gianluca Pagliuca.
Gianluca Pagliuca was the soccer goalie for the Italian national soccer team during the early 90's, and he liked to let people know....
"We'll spare you the expletive."
For the record, Singnore Pagliuca now plays for Bologna in Serie A, Italy's premier soccer league.
no...the lama just says "gunga galunga."
I remember there was a soccer commentator in my country who kept calling him Gianluca Pialuca, instead of Pagliuca.... and actually that guy spoke Italian really well!
Something to described botched plays and missed shots.
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