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Phrase And aloha means goodbye.
Anchor Larry Beil
Sport Baseball

How Is It Used?
Sure a phrase may "read" cool, but how is it really used? In what situation would someone yell it out? You can submit and catalog how the phrases are used along with their cultural references. The currently logged uses are listed below.
The wording comes from the fact that "Aloha" is Hawaiian for both "Hello" and "Goodbye". It also alludes to a made-for-TV movie in 1973 starring Sally Struthers.
When used for AL DH Geronimo Berroa: "...and Berroa means goodbye!"
I use it for my signoff wav on AOL.
Has been shortened to "ALO-HA!", Don Ho's TV Show signoff from the 1970's.
Used after a homerun.
Primarily used b/c Beil lived in Hawaii and went to the University of Hawaii. It's a way of showing his connection to the islands.
It's up. It's deep! Aaaaannnnndddddd BYE NOW KEMOSABE!
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