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Phrase Dick Trickle...did not finish/qualify/win, etc.
Anchor Keith Olbermann
Sport Auto Racing

How Is It Used?
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Jeff Gordon gets his ninth win of the year; Mr. Trickle finished 21st.
Keith had an unhealthy obsession with Mr. Dick Trickle.
Actually, Keith felt a special connection because of Trickle's name, which is documented in the book, "ESPN, the Uncensored History."
Often times after rolling throught the top ten finishers, he wouldn't even use his name, it would just be "The man finished 36th."
Further to that, he also later just said "You-know-who was eleventh."
Possibly the greatest double entendre ever imposed.
Dick Trickle was 0-for-303 in his NASCAR Winston Cup career.
Fans of Dick Trickle know that he was one of the last drivers to smoke cigarettes during the races. Only when the yellow flag was out.
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