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Phrase The frozen tundra of...
Anchor Chris Berman
Reference John Facenda of NFL Films 
Sport Football

How Is It Used?
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Uses this in reference to Lambeau Field in Green Bay.
Used as "The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field" or sometimes as a joke a different stadium (Houlihan's Stadium, Georgia Dome, etc.)
The famous line shows the tremendous power broadcasting done correctly can have over people. Facenda raises the hair on the back of my neck. Used to mock the climate as football, like the postal service, will always exist.
Rebel's field
Daylight come and you gotta Delhomme.
the frozen tundra of Orchard Park (buffalo) DUH!
Touchdown GGGGGGGGGGG-Men!!!
The Rai-dahs!!!
Without #4, frozen tundra smells like rotten fish.
Berman says this when the packers play at home in late december/january using his nfl films voice.
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