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Rece Davis
No soup for you!
Sit on it, Potzi.
Are ya feelin' it Evel? Is that a yes?!
Fade. Fire. Fill.
Some of that human touch.
Dunk you very much.
In the name of glove.
The hook will bring you back.
Master of his domain.
Freeze frame.
Might as well face it, he's addicted to glove.
The bases are like Canada during the Vietnam War...full of Dodgers.
Gotta be sound in the kicking game.
They discuss whether or not Mentos really is the freshmaker.
He's a lumberjack, and he's OK.
And he hits the wall of voodoo!
See the three. Be the three!
That ball is part of the gone network at!
It's real, and it's spectacular.
Have you seen my baseball?
It's not the size of the stick, it's all about hittin' the sweet spot!
That ball has been voted off the island!

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