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In order to provide you with a timeline of the changes on this site, we have added the following "What's New" listing to describe the changes and additions made to The SportsCenter Altar. Changes are listed in reverse chronological order.

Date Change
04/20/09 Added CAPTCHA to message submission in forums
11/07/06 Redirected to last page of thread after add message in forums
10/12/06 Implemented anti-spam countermeasures in forums
07/18/06 Changed default sort to last message in forums
09/18/04 Added posted date to news entries
08/20/04 Added news article about Craig Kilborn
04/10/04 Added message count to homepage
11/28/03 Added sorting to community categories
11/28/03 Added paging to community search results
11/28/03 Added paging to long community threads
10/04/03 Added missing anchors from 25K list
10/04/03 Cleaned up some forum content, changed anchor link on results
08/20/02 Fresh news articles
07/10/02 Fixed IE problem on home page for rotating section text
07/10/02 Added Scott Van Pelt to anchor list
07/10/02 Added new diaries and phrases
05/15/02 Added news item about Stuart Scott's injury
05/08/02 Added a couple of news items
04/03/02 Added some new audio files
03/23/02 Added Chris Berman sound file
03/06/02 Added Dan Patrick news item
02/16/02 Added link to Baseball Sim Central in audio multimedia
02/16/02 Added links for Cohn & Wingo articles and SNL transcript
02/16/02 Phrases, news, and diaries, oh my!
02/13/02 Added latest message date to category list in community
02/07/02 Fixed broken sound links, added eight new links
12/13/01 Added news item on Olbermann TV Guide article
09/30/01 Added a bunch of diaries and phrases
07/05/01 Site restored at new web provider minus data since 11/00
04/01/01 Web hosting service lost...and some data
02/03/01 Resolved email problems (see notice)
12/21/00 News item for Larry Beil's departure
11/11/00 News item for ESPN website and matching video updates
11/11/00 Added many new phrases. Total is now over 400 phrases!
11/07/00 New audio clips for Kenny, Mayne, Pidto, & Scott
10/28/00 Five of the missing commercials added
10/26/00 Added last message date to thread lists in Altar Forums
10/25/00 News story about ESPN The Magazine's "Total Access"
10/17/00 Eight new diaries and a slight change to the video format
09/22/00 News story about the latest SportsCenter commercials
08/19/00 Altar Forums unveiled for public use (news item)
08/11/00 News item for ESPN's 2-Minute Drill
08/08/00 Uploaded revised Berman nicknames and some new phrases
08/07/00 News item for new SportsCenter set
07/31/00 News item for Dan Patrick website
07/24/00 Listed all the new commercials at Video Multimedia
07/17/00 Found three more commercial AVIs for Video Multimedia
07/01/00 Added database statistics table to home page
07/01/00 Some phrase additions/updates and a new diary
06/12/00 Three new updates in the News & Notes section
06/05/00 New web site design!
02/13/00 Added link to article on ESPN Studios in News & Notes
01/27/00 A short news update and three new diaries
12/22/99 Second beta of new design style released. See note.
12/15/99 Additional news item listed regarding ESPN specials
12/04/99 Began new design beta testing in Multimedia section. See note.
11/16/99 Began testing for site redesign in Multimedia section. See note.
11/14/99 Upgraded the submission form method for phrases and diaries
11/10/99 Improved search forms in Catch Phrases and Junkies' Diaries
11/09/99 Two more news items added
10/26/99 Added video links for the "Which SportsCenter" commercials
10/18/99 Updated the phrases and diaries listings
10/17/99 Several more commercials added (Thanks Brian!)
10/13/99 General maintenance: enlarged fonts, fixed links, updated FAQ
10/05/99 Lots of new commercials, a news item, created news archive
10/03/99 Updated the awards and reviews in News & Notes
09/30/99 Added more diaries and allowed diary date searches
09/29/99 HUGE, HUGE phrases update & a news item
09/16/99 Expanded the contact information with more options
09/14/99 Added text and photos from USA Today article
09/14/99 Adjusted links in the Multimedia section for new ESPN site
09/12/99 A news item about our recent listing in ESPN The Magazine
09/07/99 Lots more news and commercials
09/06/99 Added some new commercial links
08/17/99 Another commercial link and news item added
07/16/99 Added a new commercial link and a news item
07/15/99 Expanded the anchor information and added three news items
06/20/99 Added a few more phrases and clarifications and a news item
06/03/99 Found two new commercial links for Video Multimedia
05/27/99 Added a bunch of phrases and diaries
05/21/99 Created a site map
05/11/99 Added more phrases and a Sports Illustrated news item
05/05/99 Added even more entries to the Catch Phrases
04/29/99 Made some navigational changes, mostly transparent to visitors
04/27/99 Added several new entries to the Catch Phrases
04/11/99 Posted new version of Berman nicknames file in News & Notes
04/01/99 Added Old Results section to view archived voting results
03/29/99 Added two more news items to News & Notes
03/24/99 Returned anchor-specific links to News & Notes from old site
03/24/99 Created links to in ESPN Books
03/24/99 Added reference to NY Times article in News & Notes
03/17/99 Fixed off-center diary listings when viewed in 640x480 mode
03/16/99 Increased font size in some areas to make text easier to read
03/16/99 Added "What's New" page to track changes to the website

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