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Webmaster Note:
Originally written by Mac Slocum for WhatNext (now OnTap) in September, 1997.
You can also read the interview as well.

If the SportsCenter Altar was a simple collection of catch-phrases and soundbites, it wouldn't be worth mentioning. The addition of online polls and a section where ESPN junkies can add their own stories makes The Altar a site worth visiting and perhaps, "gasp", bookmarking.

Now for the nitpicky stuff. The design and interactivity aren't overwhelming, but that's not the point anyway. The navigation is good -- you don't get lost. Images don't take four hours to load and gimmicky java applets are kept to a minimum. No flashing text or quirky digital clocks here. You get in, you read, you laugh, you move on -- just the way a Web site should be.

One major bonus to the site is a list of sound links that draws from ESPNet's depository of anchor profiles. If you've got a soundcard and a decent pair of PC speakers, settle down and get ready for a good time. There aren't a lot of soundbites, but the one's presented represent the best.

Instead of wandering mindlessly through cyberspace in search of something that justifies your Internet habit, take a minute and check out the SportsCenter Altar. It won't change your life, but you'll have a good time.

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