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There has been a lot of news on The SportsCenter Altar, so occasionally we have to move it to this archive to make room for more. All the news below was posted prior to 7/19/2006. The entries are shown in reverse chronological order.

MNF Telethon 7/19/2006
When Monday Night Football moves to ESPN this fall, be prepared for a whole lotta coverage. ESPN will start its 5 1/2 hour pregame coverage with SportsCenter at 3pm EST, followed by Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption (on location), NFL Primetime, and Monday Night Countdown. All these shows will have a focus on the game. You can read one journalist's take on these changes at Rocky Mountain News.

SportsCenter Makes Wishes 7/6/2006
ESPN is going to be in the business of making dreams come true this summer. Starting Sunday, SportsCenter will air a 10-part series in conjunction with the Make-A-Wish Foundation that will run through July 23rd. ESPN will help to make 10 wishes come true by collaborating with sports teams and personalities across the country. Chris Connelly will host the 8- to 10-minute segments. Read more about this series at USA Today.

Gammons Suffers Aneurysm 6/28/2006
ESPN's lead baseball analyst, Peter Gammons, was sent to a Boston hospital yesterday for emergency surgery on an aneurysm he suffered at his home in the morning. Gammons was in good condition following the surgery, but will probably need significant rest and possible rehabilitation depending on the severity. Read more about what happened at USA Today

Keith, Keith, Keith... 6/25/2006
Apparently Keith Olbermann has gotten himself in a little hot water lately over at MSNBC. Two sets of emails apparently leaked out -- one in which he bashes fellow MSNBC host Rita Cosby, and another in which he uses a choice selection of obscene language in responding to viewers. With a new chief at MSNBC, Keith may want to watch his back.

FSN Tries it Again 6/25/2006
Fox Sports Net will once again take a crack at challenging SportsCenter's dominance of evening sports news. Starting July 3rd @ 11:30PM Eastern, they will launch a primarily highlight-centric show called Final Score with little grandstanding from the anchors. Read more at Multichannel News.

Kilborn Heads to the Bench 3/10/2005
Craig Kilborn is at it again. He's slated to be a member of the new movie Benchwarmers that will feature Rob Schneider and David Spade. The film, which will also star Napolean Dynamite leading man Jon Heder, will center around a trio of unathletic friends who try to compete against little league teams. You can read the article at Jam Movies.

3rd Season of Dream Job Announced 2/3/2005
ESPN has announced that the third season of "Dream Job" will not involve regular joes trying to land an anchor position, but rather will feature former NBA players trying to land a job as an NBA analyst. A special preview will air on February 20th and the regular season will begin on the following Sunday. The players selected to compete are: Dana Barros, Dee Brown, Matt Bullard, Darryl Dawkins, J.R. Reid, and Gerald Wilkins. Stuart Scott will continue to host. Hopefully it won't be quite the train wreck that previous season have been. You can read the press release at ABC News.

"Dream" Winner Hall to Headline ESPNU 1/31/2005
It was announced today that the first season "Dream Job" winner Mike Hall will be the signature anchor for the new ESPNU spinoff channel that focuses on college athletics. Hall has mostly been seen on ESPNEWS lately, but will have an apparently daunting task of learning the entire college sports landscape. Read more about the announcment at The Charlotte Observer.

Steiner is New Dodgers Play-By-Play Man 11/23/2004
The Daily Bulletin is reporting that former SportsCenter anchor Charley Steiner will be taking over as the new play-by-play man for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Steiner, who is probably most famous for his stints in the "This is SportsCenter" commercials as well as having a couple incidents of uncontrollable laughter on-screen, was hired to replace Ross Porter. The Bulletin also reports that a new analyst should be announced in the near future as well. More information is also available in the press release at

Kilborn Goes Shaggy 11/15/2004
Former SportsCenter anchor and late night TV host Craig Kilborn, who recently left his job at CBS, has signed up to be a part of the cast of the remake of the movie "The Shaggy Dog". Tim Allen and Kristin Davis will play the main characters. Read more in the article from Elites TV. Additional information from Hollywood Reporter indicates that Kilborn was signed to play the part of a neighbor.

7 New SportsCenter Ads to Debut 11/1/2004
A recent article from AdWeek informs us that there will be seven new SportsCenter commercials debuting on the network between now and the end of the year. The latest batch will include appearances by Andy Roddick and David Tidmarsh (the national spelling bee champ), as well as the usual assortment of anchors and mascots. More details about the latest round can be read at AdWeek.

Bush, Kerry to Appear on SportsCenter 10/29/2004
According to recent news reports, presidential candidates George Bush and John Kerry are scheduled to appear on the Monday evening edition of SportsCenter (11/1). The sit-down interviews with Jim Grey will feature discussion of several sports-related issues. The features have already been taped, but will air on the eve of Election Day. Read more about it at the Kansas City Star.

Advertising Inevitability 10/8/2004
This site has been around for a long time, and we've tried to keep it uncluttered by ads and other annoying space-consumers, but the on-going cost of keeping this site going has necessitated that we do something. We're currently piloting the use of Google AdSense in the forums, and we'll expand to other areas of the site if the experiment is successful. The Google ads are fairly low-key, and we'll try to keep them out of the way, but of course we'd appreciate if you'd take a glance once in a while and check out anything that interests you. If you have any problems with the ads or recommendations for improvement, please contact the Altar Webmaster.

News Article Postings 10/5/2004
In an effort to provide more news and opinion on this site, we'll be attempting to regularly post the latest articles from around the media world in a thread in the General Topics forum of the Community section titled "SportsCenter Articles". Feel free to respond with your opinions to any of the articles or post any that you find as you surf the web.

Sexy Olbermann? 9/19/2004
Believe it or not, Playgirl magazine recently named former SportsCenter anchor Keith Olbermann the "sexiest male newscaster". Olbermann, who now hosts MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann", got a little help from the fact that he had a link from his site to the Playgirl poll. Olbermann's response? "My only interest was that I finish ahead of Andy Rooney." Read more about it at ABC News.

Kilborn To Leave Late, Late Show 8/20/2004
Former SportsCenter anchor Craig Kilborn, who left the show to start The Daily Show on Comedy Central and then to host The Late, Late Show on CBS, announced on August 12th that he would be stepping down as host of his current gig. His last show will probably be Friday August 27th. David Letterman's production company Worldwide Pants is suddenly scrambling to find a new host. Some sources suggest Conan O'Brien or Jon Stewart (who replaced Kilborn on The Daily Show), but both are currently under contracts that won't end soon. As for what Kilborn will do next, he has said that he wants to focus on writing and producing projects for television and was looking for more of a challenge. An article that best describes the circumstances around his departure can be found at Newsday.

Collect An Olbermann 8/20/2002
If you've been having a hard time keeping track of the travels of former SportsCenter anchor Keith Olbermann, then your worries are over. The Topps Company has released a set of limited edition collectable "Topps 206" Keith Olbermann cards to be found in every September issue of Beckett Sports Collectable Vintage (a monthly vintage sports card price guide). If you can't find a copy at your local newstand, you can order a copy directly from the Beckett website for the low price of $4.99. There will be five variations of the card, modeled after Olbermann's personal favorite T206 tobacco set first issued by the American Tobacco Company from 1909-1911. You can take a peek at the issue and cards by clicking here or by reading the press release at Vintage News.

25K On Its Way! 8/20/2002
In case you've been living on the moon for the last month, you are probably aware of the upcoming 25,000th broadcast of SportsCenter on August 25th at 11PM EST. Throughout the month of August, ESPN has been showing some of the 25 best "This Is SportsCenter" commercials, as voted by media journalists and highlighted at their dedicated section of the website. You can also join in the fun if you're within range of one of the several ESPNZone's around the country. ESPN is throwing viewing parties at each Zone location hosted by ESPN personalities with plenty of trivia and prizes to give out, including the coveted bobblehead dolls of Chris Berman, Dan Patrick, Kenny Mayne, and Stuart Scott. Don't miss this historic event, and get those VCRs rolling because you're gonna want to keep this one.

Where In The World Is Stuart Scott? 5/15/2002
A couple visitors to the site have sent in questions regarding the apparent disappearance of Stuart Scott on the show. After doing some quick searches, it appears that Stuart injured himself while taping a segment for ESPN back on April 3rd. Scott took a football to his left eye while attending a New York Jets practice, and has not been seen on the network since. The article does not mention any return date, but does say that ESPN hopes to have him back as soon as possible. You can read the entire article from USA Today (while the link lasts).

Roberts Up For GMA Anchor 5/8/2002
The 4/27-5/3 edition of TV Guide contained a brief article noting that ESPN veteran Robin Roberts could be close to signing a deal to be an anchor on Good Morning America. Roberts has been seen on the show as a contributor since last year, but now could be ready to step up to fill the vacancy of Antonio Mora. Apparently she has impressed enough of the ABC News executives to put her on the short list of possible anchor replacements. The ABC News website confirmed the rumor by announcing Roberts as a regular anchor on April 25th. You can read the announcement and some biographical information on Robin at ABC News.

Kilborn Still In The Hot Seat 5/8/2002
The Associated Press has reported that Craig Kilborn has signed a contract extension to remain as the host for The Late, Late Show. The extension will give Kilborn at least another two years on the air. CBS executives credit Kilborn's ability to attract younger viewers as the prime reason for keeping him on.

Patrick Does A Little Country 3/6/2002
The Associated Press is reporting that Dan Patrick will be playing a prominent role in the upcoming music video for country singer Brad Paisley. In the video for "I'm Gonna Miss Her", Patrick will be providing commentary during the fishing-themed storyline. Other guest stars in the video will include Jerry Springer, Jimmy Dickens, and Kim Williams. The video will premiere on CMT's "Most Wanted Live" on March 9th.

Kilborn Goes "Old School" 2/16/2002
Reuters reports the Craig Kilborn has been added to the cast of the upcoming feature film Old School, directed by Todd Phillips. Kilborn is cast to simply play the role of "boyfriend" with such fellow castmates as Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, and others. The film about three men trying to recapture their old college days, is scheduled to open later this year.

A Brief History of Keith 12/13/2001
In this week's edition of TV Guide (12/15-12/21), there is an article that details Keith Olbermann's journey through broadcasting. It describes the twists and turns his career has taken, from KCBS-TV to being paid to not broadcast on Fox Sports. It also talks about some of his upcoming prospects, which include appearances on CNN's Greenfield at Large, ABC Radio, a book, and a sports column.

The Blackout Is Over 7/5/2001
For those of you wondering where the heck we've been for the last few months, we had some major problems with our web hosting company, which has unfortunately resulted in the loss of some of our data. We've set up shop at a new hosting service, but we are without our data since the middle of November. We're going to do our best to recollect everything we had done, but some things will be forever lost, like the usage entries, poll results, and community messages which are all entered automatically without webmaster intervention. We hope to be done quickly so that you can continue to enjoy all that is SportsCenter.

Notice of Email Outtage 2/3/2001
We regret to inform you that we've had an email outtage here at The SportsCenter Altar for a little while. Apparently our email accounts had shut down for some reason, which would explain the apparent low amount of activity around here. We've made every attempt to work around the issues, and we believe the webmaster mail and submission forms should be functional again. However, anything that was submitted or sent to the webmaster over the last month was probably never received. So, we would appreciate if you could resend your webmaster questions or comments and resubmit your phrases and junkies' diaries. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to more great correspondence with the fans.

Beil Says Aloha to ESPN 12/21/2000
This week's Sports Illustrated reports that five-year ESPN veteran Larry Beil is saying "aloha" to ESPN and heading off to ABC affiliate KGO San Francisco. The SportsCenter anchor's last show will be the 6pm EST edition on December 29th.

This is SportsCenter Jackpot 11/11/2000
For a long time now, we here at The SportsCenter Altar have collected "This is SportsCenter" commercials for your viewing enjoyment. ESPN, however, has just released a new section of their website devoted to this popular marketing campaign, including sneak peeks at the new batch of commercials that will be coming out soon. You can take a trip over to This is SportsCenter to get access to many of the commercials we had been missing. We will continue to keep a fully available index of commercials on this site since it appears that ESPN has only made selective commercials available at any one time.

Spin Around The Set 10/25/2000
SportsCenter has been broadcast from its new set for a while now, but you probably don't know what's behind the scenes there. ESPN The Magazine has furnished us with a 360 degree view of the new studio in a feature they call "Total Access". Take a spin through the eight studio positions to get a better idea of the new layout. This feature makes use of IPIX technology, so you'll have to make sure you browser supports Java.

More Commercials On The Way 9/22/2000
A breaking story from the Channel 8 news team in New Haven/Hartford, CT. ESPN is filming some more SportsCenter commercials, and they're keeping to their typical routine of putting the weird and the wacky in the ESPN newsroom. You can read the story over at the Channel 8 website.

Speak Your Mind 8/19/2000
The SportsCenter Altar is proud to present a brand new interactive feature. Fans of the show may now participate in the Altar Forums to make comments, leave notes, and ask questions of the general site community. We've started you off with a few categories to help get you thinking, but we can certainly grow and expand the depth of the community as needed. We'll probably be phasing out the old guestbook, but it is still available for those of you who prefer that medium. You can reach the new community section by clicking on the "Community" link in the navigation bar.

Who Wants To Be Kenny Mayne? 8/11/2000
With the phenomenal success of ABC's Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, its sister network ESPN has launched a similar program called 2-Minute Drill. Kenny Mayne has been tagged as the host for this new show that will begin broadcasting on Monday, September 11 and continue weekly until Christmas with additional episodes broadcast on Thursdays starting on October 12. Keep your eyes peeled to the broadcasting schedule to see what time the show will air in your area. If we're lucky, they'll come up with some snappy "This is SportsCenter"-style commercials to draw attention to the show. You can read the entire press release at the website.

SportsCenter Set Debut Scheduled 8/7/2000
As mentioned previously (Times They Are A-Changin'), the SportsCenter set is going to get a makeover to bring it into the year 2000. ESPN has decided to post a brief history of the sets that have been used over the years, available now in the SportsCenter Photo Gallery. You can take a look at how the set has changed over the years. Mentioned in the photo gallery is the fact that the new set will debut on the 6pm EST show, August 18th. Hopefully, there won't be too much work to recraft this website to match....

Patrick Parade Marches On 7/31/2000
ESPN has announced that they're giving Dan Patrick his own part of the website. This new site will provide a summary of the best of Dan Patrick from his various television, radio, and print sources. You can check out this new site by going directly to Is Dan stretching himself too thin? The guy's anchoring SportsCenter, cohosting a daily radio show, writing "Outtakes" for ESPN The Magazine, and now he's got a whole portion of the website to carry? Dan needs a vacation.

New Batch of SportsCenter Commercials 6/12/2000
Many of you have asked, and we've finally been able to deliver. Our good friends at ESPN have published multimedia versions of the latest batch of "This is SportsCenter" commercials for your viewing enjoyment. We've updated the Video Multimedia section with all the new downloadable files. All the new files come in either AVI or RealVideo format.

Times They Are A-Changin' 6/12/2000
The SportsCenter set is going to get a makeover in August which will include a new studio design and enhanced graphics and animations. Wouldn't you know it. Right after we get this site updated to match the show, they'll go and change it again. We can't win, but you will when you take a look at ESPN's official press release that includes an artist's rendering of the new set.

Get Your Questions Answered 6/12/2000
Hey, did you know that you can easily ask your favorite SportsCenter anchors a question through the website and get it answered on the show? Well you can, and ESPN has made it easy to submit questions to the SportsCenter "Inbox" by simply heading over to the form and hitting the submit button. Questions are answered on the 6PM EST edition of the show, so get your questions in there and maybe you can get to be a piece of SportsCenter yourself!

Patrick's "Outtakes" Available in Stores 1/27/2000
For those of you who are fans of Dan Patrick's "Outtakes" section in ESPN The Magazine where he presents a quick question and answer session with some of today's most popular athletes now have the opportunity to pick up a whole book full of them. Dan and ESPN have released a collection of the best interviews by Patrick, and it's available for sale now in bookstores and ESPNZones across the country. Make a quick stop to read the press release at before heading to the store to get your copy.

It's Finally Here! 1/27/2000
Well, it took a long, LONG time to get this all together, but we've finally gotten the new site design up to match the new look of the show. Due to some technical difficulties from our site hosting service and a severe reduction in available free time on the part of our webmaster, this change took a lot longer than expected, but we hope you enjoy the hard work we've put into it. We welcome any comments you have on the new site design and look forward to your suggestions to continue to improve the site. We'll get to some content updates next to add to the phrase and junkies diaries since there are many in the queue that were waiting for this new site release. If you want to drop us a line with your thoughts on the new site, just send an email to the SportsCenter Altar webmaster.

Dan Patrick Garners Honors 1/27/2000
Everybody give Dan Patrick a slap on the back. He was named the National Sportscaster of the Year by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association on January 24th. You can read the official press release from ESPN. Congratulations Dan!

Updated Beta 2 Testing 12/22/1999
We've made some changes to the new design style that we've been beta testing in the Multimedia section. We decided to abandon the use of style sheets for now to allow a greater browser population to have access to all the features. Please continue to visit the Multimedia section and let use know how the new customization features are working out. We always welcome your feedback regarding the colors, images, load time, font styles, or anything else. Please send your feedback to the Altar webmaster. Thanks in advance!

SportsCenter Specials 12/15/1999
ESPN announced that it will present three SportsCenter specials to round out the end of the year. To read more about them, visit the press release to get more information about air times and content.

Design Beta Testing 12/4/1999
As promised below, we have now converted the entire Multimedia section to use the dual-design format which will allow you to choose between classic or modern site style. This is our first crack at recreating the stat screens on the show, so we highly encourage you to go to the bottom of any screen in that section and click the Customize link to switch to the new style. We will run this beta until the end of the month at which point will integrate this function into the rest of the site. Please contact us with your thoughts on any of the following: colors, loading speed, quirky behavior, JavaScript problems, font sizes or styles, error messages, etc. Your help will make this site as bug free as possible. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

New Format Assistance 11/16/1999
We're beginning the process of creating a new design alternative for the Altar, and we need your help. As mentioned several notes below, we're going to allow you to choose which graphic format you want for the site -- classic (as you see now) or modern (as you currently see on the show). To facilitate this option, we are switching to the use of style sheets on all pages. For now, we have converted the pages in the Multimedia section to use style sheets. You should not see any difference in the style between that section and the rest of the site, but please check out those pages and contact us if you experience anything weird. In particular, we'd like to know what browser version you're using if you have any problems. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Keep an eye on this space for more updates concerning this effort.

Clinton is SportsCenter Fan 11/9/1999
Dan Patrick's radio show hosted the President on November 4, and ESPN has some of that conversation recorded on their website. Among a host of questions, Bill admits where in the White House he watches the show. Read the Dan Patrick - Bill Clinton Radio Transcript.

Take Control! 11/9/1999 has introduced a new feature that allows you to decide which highlights package will be the "SportsCenter Showcase". Most days, you can go to and choose which of the night's match-ups you want to see the most. The poll is open from Monday through Thursday starting at noon and closing at midnight. The showcase will then be shown on the 1am edition. If you're ready, go to SportsCenter Showcase.

SportsCenter Coast To Coast 11/9/1999
For all you Cartoon Network aficionados: you've probably seen the show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, but did you know SG has a website, too? Well he does, and in the October 6th edition of his site, he (or rather Moltar) reviewed SportsCenter in the Television section. You can read Moltar's review of the show if you're brave enough. Many thanks to Jen for keeping us informed.

Award Recognitions 10/5/1999
We're very happy to announce that there have been several exciting happenings lately in the world of The SportsCenter Altar. Not only were we recently listed in ESPN The Magazine (see below), but we've been getting some other recognition as well. First of all, many thanks to all of you who are voting for us in the Internet Homepages Top 100. At the time of this announcement, we had gotten as high as number 77. Also, we were recently informed that we have been given a GO network web site award for October 1999. For those of you not familiar with the GO network, it's the same family of websites that includes ESPN.COM. For those of you who may have nominated us or submitted our site to any of these award services, we greatly appreciate your efforts.

A Chance For More Interaction 9/29/1999
In an effort to make The SportsCenter Altar more interactive, we have created a community on the Deja network that will allow more informal polls, notes, newsgroup discussions, and more. We invite you to visit and join up in the discussion at The SportsCenter Altar Community. Let us know what you think. If this idea has merit, we'll invest more time and effort in it.

Touching Moment with Kenny 9/14/1999
In the September 14, 1999 edition of USA Today, a very touching story was written about Kenny Mayne and his struggle to become an ESPN anchor, and eventually a father. Check out the transcribed article and photos for the whole story.

A Nod from ESPN 9/12/1999
A big welcome to all of you visiting from having seen this site in the September 20, 1999 issue of ESPN The Magazine. Although it was certainly news to us to find out we were listed in the "Site Lines" section, we thank the many visitors who let us know about it. After working hard for several years to create and maintain this site, we appreciate the recognition from our friends at ESPN.

Did You See It? 9/7/1999
It's been just 30 minutes since the ESPN 20th anniversary special aired. All we want to know is how the SportsCenter Altar could be omitted from the sports lexicon portion? After tirelessly tracking the great sports phrases for the last three+ years, not even a reference? Well, we're not forgettable to you tireless fans, and we appreciate all the support you've given to helping submit and clarify all the catch phrases. Your favorite moments and guestbook comments have made the last few years more fun for everyone. Just as Chris "Boomer" Berman said, this web site, like ESPN, is for you the fans, and we look forward to many more rewarding years!

To coincide with ESPN's 20th anniversary, also got a fresh makeover to match some of the new graphics on the show. In an effort to keep pace, we here at the SportsCenter Altar will try to adjust accordingly. Hopefully, we will be able to offer you two flavors of the site (at your choosing) in both classic and new-age.

Zoned Out to the Max! 9/7/1999
For the second time this summer, ESPN will be opening an ESPNZone. This time, the location is the world famous Times Square in New York City. The grand opening will take place on Tuesday, September 14 with plenty of fabulous guests from sports and entertainment. If you're going to be in the area, try to check a glimpse at 42nd and Broadway. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until the 15th to go in yourself.

SportsCenter @ Dinner 9/7/1999
ESPN decided to make a slight change to its dinnertime broadcasting schedule. The edition of SportsCenter that previously aired at 6:30pm EST will now move up a half-hour to 6:00pm EST. ESPN executive VP Dick Glover says "The new start time maximizes ESPN's primetime programming window for live events while also assuring viewers that the 11 p.m. SportsCenter will air almost every night at its scheduled time". No more tuning in at 11 to see the tail end of a sporting event? We'll have to wait and see. The new schedule takes affect on September 7.

Dan in Your Ear 8/17/1999
ESPN has announced that Dan Patrick will have his own ESPN Radio show appropriately named "The Dan Patrick Show" (guess "The Big Show" was taken). The show will premiere on September 13 from 1-4EST on all of the ESPN Radio affiliates. This new show will be the first time that Dan has really had the opportunity to drive the content of his broadcasting and will be a welcome change from his usual reporting on SportsCenter and during special events.

Kolber Makes a Comeback 7/16/1999
Former ESPN sports anchor and FOX Sports defectee Suzy Kolber will be returning to the good ole SportCenter crew in August. Kolber was quoted as saying, "ESPN is a great fit for me and I'm delighted to be coming home." You'll be able to see Suzy again cohosting the 6:30 PM EST edition of the show.

ESPN Celebrates 20 Years 7/15/1999
ESPN has announced that it will present a three-hour special in honor of its 20 year anniversary. The show, which will air September 7 at 7 pm EST, will include a history of SportsCenter, catch phrases, sound bytes, bloopers, and plenty more. This show looks to epitomize all the we try to do here at the SportsCenter Altar, so don't miss it! Get those VCRs ready because this one will be a keeper!

Patrick Heads to the Rockies with Elway 7/15/1999
Dan Patrick can currently be seen in a series of commercials for the Coors Brewing Co. alongside recently retired quarterback John Elway. The spots which started during the All Star Game on July 13 prominently feature Dan describing some of John's great achievements before cutting to Elway declaring "What'd you expect me to drink?".

Ads Draw Attention 7/15/1999
The July 3 - 9 issue of TV Guide listed the 50 greatest commercials of all time. You should all be proud to see that the "This Is SportsCenter" campaign fell at number 22. The campaign which debuted in 1995 by the Wieden & Kennedy advertising agency was given the following text with its ranking:

This campaign, which began inauspiciously with a behind-the-scenes look at the ESPN newsroom (the bonus was getting to see the bare legs of then-coanchors Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann) went on to include terrific appearances by gymnast Kerri Strug, baseball pitcher Roger Clemens and home-run king Mark McGwire. But from the very first spot, "This is SportsCenter" established ESPN as the hippest channel this side of MTV. Panelist Chris Zimmerman of Nike points out that the series put some irreverent fun back into the big business of sports television."

You can read ESPN's official response to this honor here.

ESPN in the Zone! 6/20/1999
As some of you in the Chicago area may know, the new ESPNZone is opening on July 10 at the corner of Wabash Avenue and Ohio Street. The opening will coincide with the annual Crosstown Classic between the White Sox and Cubs, and Stuart Scott and Rich Eisen will be in attendence to give the grand opening a boost. If you're going to be anywhere near downtown Chicago after the 10th, be sure to stop by and check out the food, games, and plenty of sports!

Breakdown of a Home Run Call 5/11/1999
The May 10, 1999 issue of Sports Illustrated features an article on home run calls that makes reference to Kenny Mayne's flamboyant style. (It also features a rather liberal drawing of our friend Kenny). You can find it in Steve Rushin's Air and Space under the title "Gone! But Not Forgotten!".

SportsCenter Challenges Fox Sports News 4/6/1999
ESPN announced that it will add another hour edition of SportsCenter to its lineup in the 1 AM EST slot. Both Stuart and Rich will anchor the late night edition, in what many have noted is the same time slot as Fox Sports News popular equivalent. The move will up ESPN's total of SportsCenter broadcasts to 26.5 hours a week. The new schedule is expected to start on April 6.

On-Air Talent Battles Jeopardy-Style 3/22/1999
Alert SportsCenter fan James Craven and Sports Illustrated both note that Keith Olbermann and Robin Roberts did battle with Bob Costas on the 3/22 episode of Celebrity Jeopardy. Unfortunately, both the Big Show alum and current broadcaster failed to defeat NBC's sports regular when Costas won with a $25,000 charity donation going to a children's hospital in St. Louis. Robin's and Keith's charities were in Mississippi and India, respectively.

Desktop Theme Discovered 1/1/1999
We recently discovered a SportsCenter desktop theme that you can download and use if you have Windows 95 Plus!. It's not the greatest theme, but it's the only one we've ever seen. Go to the Redman Themes to see a preview and download the files. Makes Debut 1/1/1999
The newest edition of the SportsCenter Altar made its debut in February with all new slicker graphics and a more integrated feel. What you're looking at is the result of months of work to make the SportsCenter fan's experience as complete as possible. New features include a searchable database of catch phrases and junkies' diaries, increased info on each phrase, a SportsCenter commercial index, and automated voting! Part of the increased info on the phrases is a feature where you can enter the situations in which you would use a particular phrase (many of you have written wondering why and how you would use a phrase). You are encouraged to go to the phrase detail pages and make your entries! If you find any problems with this site or have recommendations for improvement, please contact us with your feedback.

Craig Kilborn Reinvents The Late Late Show 1/1/1999
Craig Kilborn said adieu to The Daily Show and said hello to The Late Late Show on CBS which is currently hosted by Tom Snyder. Craig will appear on the show on Monday, February 15 and will first host the show on Tuesday, March 30.