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There has been a lot of news on The SportsCenter Altar, so occasionally we have to move it to this archive to make room for more. All the news below was posted prior to 7/16/99. The entries are shown in reverse chronological order.

Kolber Makes a Comeback 7/16/1999
Former ESPN sports anchor and FOX Sports defectee Suzy Kolber will be returning to the good ole SportCenter crew in August. Kolber was quoted as saying, "ESPN is a great fit for me and I'm delighted to be coming home." You'll be able to see Suzy again cohosting the 6:30 PM EST edition of the show.

ESPN Celebrates 20 Years 7/15/1999
ESPN has announced that it will present a three-hour special in honor of its 20 year anniversary. The show, which will air September 7 at 7 pm EST, will include a history of SportsCenter, catch phrases, sound bytes, bloopers, and plenty more. This show looks to epitomize all the we try to do here at the SportsCenter Altar, so don't miss it! Get those VCRs ready because this one will be a keeper!

Patrick Heads to the Rockies with Elway 7/15/1999
Dan Patrick can currently be seen in a series of commercials for the Coors Brewing Co. alongside recently retired quarterback John Elway. The spots which started during the All Star Game on July 13 prominently feature Dan describing some of John's great achievements before cutting to Elway declaring "What'd you expect me to drink?".

Ads Draw Attention 7/15/1999
The July 3 - 9 issue of TV Guide listed the 50 greatest commercials of all time. You should all be proud to see that the "This Is SportsCenter" campaign fell at number 22. The campaign which debuted in 1995 by the Wieden & Kennedy advertising agency was given the following text with its ranking:

This campaign, which began inauspiciously with a behind-the-scenes look at the ESPN newsroom (the bonus was getting to see the bare legs of then-coanchors Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann) went on to include terrific appearances by gymnast Kerri Strug, baseball pitcher Roger Clemens and home-run king Mark McGwire. But from the very first spot, "This is SportsCenter" established ESPN as the hippest channel this side of MTV. Panelist Chris Zimmerman of Nike points out that the series put some irreverent fun back into the big business of sports television."

You can read ESPN's official response to this honor here.

ESPN in the Zone! 6/20/1999
As some of you in the Chicago area may know, the new ESPNZone is opening on July 10 at the corner of Wabash Avenue and Ohio Street. The opening will coincide with the annual Crosstown Classic between the White Sox and Cubs, and Stuart Scott and Rich Eisen will be in attendence to give the grand opening a boost. If you're going to be anywhere near downtown Chicago after the 10th, be sure to stop by and check out the food, games, and plenty of sports!

Breakdown of a Home Run Call 5/11/1999
The May 10, 1999 issue of Sports Illustrated features an article on home run calls that makes reference to Kenny Mayne's flamboyant style. (It also features a rather liberal drawing of our friend Kenny). You can find it in Steve Rushin's Air and Space under the title "Gone! But Not Forgotten!".

SportsCenter Challenges Fox Sports News 4/6/1999
ESPN announced that it will add another hour edition of SportsCenter to its lineup in the 1 AM EST slot. Both Stuart and Rich will anchor the late night edition, in what many have noted is the same time slot as Fox Sports News popular equivalent. The move will up ESPN's total of SportsCenter broadcasts to 26.5 hours a week. The new schedule is expected to start on April 6.

On-Air Talent Battles Jeopardy-Style 3/22/1999
Alert SportsCenter fan James Craven and Sports Illustrated both note that Keith Olbermann and Robin Roberts did battle with Bob Costas on the 3/22 episode of Celebrity Jeopardy. Unfortunately, both the Big Show alum and current broadcaster failed to defeat NBC's sports regular when Costas won with a $25,000 charity donation going to a children's hospital in St. Louis. Robin's and Keith's charities were in Mississippi and India, respectively.

Desktop Theme Discovered 1/1/1999
We recently discovered a SportsCenter desktop theme that you can download and use if you have Windows 95 Plus!. It's not the greatest theme, but it's the only one we've ever seen. Go to the Redman Themes to see a preview and download the files. Makes Debut 1/1/1999
The newest edition of the SportsCenter Altar made its debut in February with all new slicker graphics and a more integrated feel. What you're looking at is the result of months of work to make the SportsCenter fan's experience as complete as possible. New features include a searchable database of catch phrases and junkies' diaries, increased info on each phrase, a SportsCenter commercial index, and automated voting! Part of the increased info on the phrases is a feature where you can enter the situations in which you would use a particular phrase (many of you have written wondering why and how you would use a phrase). You are encouraged to go to the phrase detail pages and make your entries! If you find any problems with this site or have recommendations for improvement, please contact us with your feedback.

Craig Kilborn Reinvents The Late Late Show 1/1/1999
Craig Kilborn said adieu to The Daily Show and said hello to The Late Late Show on CBS which is currently hosted by Tom Snyder. Craig will appear on the show on Monday, February 15 and will first host the show on Tuesday, March 30.