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Originally written by Mac Slocum for WhatNext (now OnTap) in September, 1997.
You can also read the site review as well.
Website: The SportsCenter Altar
Creator: Chris Harris
Age: 22
Location: Chicago, Il.
Job: Computer Consultant

Do you hum the SportsCenter theme at inopportune times? Are your conversations littered with SportsCenter catch-phrases like "Jumanji!" and "en fuego?" Do you remember where you were when Craig Kilborn and Keith Olbermann left the show? If you still have a clue as to what I'm talking about, you've got to visit Chris Harris' SportsCenter Altar.

Meshing the best catch-phrases with background on the show and real-life testimonials from SportsCenter fans, the Altar is the definitive ESPN fan site.

The Altar was assembled on a whim. Any avid fan of SportsCenter spends most of his or her day reciting the quick-witted phrases peppered throughout each episode -- and Harris was no different. Unlike most fans, Harris recorded his favorite catch phrases, so when it came time to assemble The Altar he was up for the task. The site made its debut in January, 1996.

The Altar began as a virtual warehouse for catch-phrases, but Harris has expanded it to include online polls where visitors can vote for their favorite phrases and moments. For the truly inspired, or psychotic, there's the "Junkies' Diaries" section. Here overzealous fans can relay testimonials of inspired SportsCenter moments. If you enjoy the show, you're going to love the stories.

The site has attracted more than just SportsCenter enthusiasts -- the anchors know about it too. A few months ago, Harris says, a writer from "Inside Sports" asked an employee at ESPN headquarters if they kept track of the anchor's phrases. "The person said they didn't have a list, but they told the reporter to check out my site, so I guess they know about it," Harris says.

Harris has yet to meet any of the anchors, but there's always the chance. So after all this what is Harris' favorite phrase. It's a tie between...

    1. "No soup for you!" -- Rece Davis (by way of "Seinfeld")
    2. "It must be a Homer Simpson because the pitcher just said 'doh!'" -- Kenny Mayne.


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