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We've found that we get a lot of the same questions from web surfers. Or, there are questions that we think most people have, but are afraid to ask. So, we present here the Frequently Asked Questions of the SportsCenter Altar.

First off, who the heck is this "we" and "us" anyway?
Alright. I'll come clean. The "we" is actually a "me". My name is Chris Harris, and I am but a humble watcher of SportsCenter with a flair for web pages. Actually, this all started when I was a junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign. Now, I'm a computer consultant living in the Chicago area. Several people think I have some special "in" with the SportsCenter crew or ESPN, but I don't. I just sit in front of the tube like the rest of you. You can take a look at my personal homepage at: The Harrisland Theme Park.

So you don't have any relation to ESPN?
That's right. Although this site is obviously very dependent on the show and the information provided on the ESPN website, it is not endorsed or maintained by anyone working for the network. The graphics were all created from scratch (with some exceptions as noted in the footer below), and the content has all been accumulated from fans who watch the show and submit it to the site. It has been my pleasure to provide this service to fans of the show, especially since the ESPN website does not feature this level of focus on SportsCenter.

Okay, then, how did the SportsCenter Altar start?
The SportsCenter Altar was unveiled in January of 1996 after my roommates, Mike Harrell and Ryan Gillmore, and I decided that we wanted to keep track of all the SportsCenter anchors and the phrases they used. I was just getting into the homepage business, so I decided this might be worth looking at by other people. It started pretty small--five or six anchors with maybe four to five phrases each (I had the individual pictures up there too). However, since the page's announcement on Yahoo! and other search engines, the several thousand SportsCenter fanatics have helped this list grow into the immensity that it is now. In April of 1996, I spiced up the page with all-new ESPN-like graphics and a better organization of the information, including the Junkies' Diaries. In January of 1999, the site was moved to its own domain and augmented with database searching and even more SportsCenter styled graphics and colors.

Is Craig Kilborn coming back?
I'm sorry to say that I don't think Craig will ever be back to SportsCenter. He seems to have done fairly well at Comedy Central with his project, "The Daily Show", and now he's off to host "The Late, Late Show" on CBS. He remains an Altar favorite, although dethroned as the most popular anchor by Keith Olbermann shortly after his departure in May of 1996.

Is Keith Olbermann coming back?
For personal reasons, Keith had his disputes with some folks in Bristol, so he will probably not be back to SportsCenter either. In Keith's case, his brief stay on "The Big Show" on MSNBC was thankfully ended when he moved to FOX Sports to host their evening news show that is suspiciously scheduled opposite SportsCenter.

How do I get a job as a SportsCenter anchor?
I think the standard method based on the personal histories of the current anchors is to get jobs as sportscasters on local tv stations and try to do your best as a creative, exciting person. The other method I would suggest would be to get an internship at ESPN Studios by sending your resume and cover letter to:

ESPN Plaza
Bristol, CT 06010-7454

This program is reserved for junior and older college students and lasts for 12-16 weeks during the spring, summer, or fall.

How do I contact my favorite SportsCenter anchor?
You can write to any of the on-air talent at ESPN at:

ESPN Plaza
Bristol, CT 06010

As a reminder, I do NOT have any special way to contact these people, so don't ask. Thanks.

Where can I get a copy of an old SportsCenter telecast?
Unfortunately, this is not an option that ESPN offers. You're going to have to rely on your friends and neighbors to get old videos of vintage shows. The best I can suggest is to check out the videos in the Multimedia section.

Can I use your graphics on my web page?
I do allow people to use graphics from the SportsCenter Altar provided they drop me a line to let me know they're doing it. I also request a link to this site and some form of credit to me or the SportsCenter Altar. I will let you know now in advance that the graphics are encoded with my name and other information that will allow me to identify them. The uncredited use of the graphics constitutes copyright infringement, and I will take action if I find out.

What are the criteria for adding a phrase to the list?
I prefer to add only phrases which are used repeatedly by the same anchor across several shows. I will occasionally add one-timers if I think they stand well enough by themselves as truly great. Any new submissions should be sent to me using the submit forms; don't use the guestbook to suggest new phrases if you really want them to be considered.

What does ESPN stand for?
Officially, it doesn't stand for anything, but unofficially it once stood for the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network back in 1979. That name was removed when ESPN, Inc. became the official name of the corporation in 1985.

How much SportsCenter do you watch a day?
Well, I have to admit that I watched SportsCenter for about three to four hours a day when I started this homepage. That's the reason the name "SportsCenter Altar" came about, because my friends and I watched it with a religious devotion. However, due to my full time job and other interests, my viewing time has been brought down to about an hour a day, if I'm lucky. In all seriousness, I don't mean to advocate SportsCenter as a religion. I'm actually a really devout Christian. I could probably give this page a new name, but it's been around for so long, everyone would be confused by the change, so I've left it the way it is.

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