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    Best of This is SportsCenter 12/4/2007
    ESPN is airing a "Best of This is SportsCenter" show on December 11th at 8PM ET, which is a must see for those of you that come to this site looking for these irreverent commercials. In conjunction with this show, ESPN SportsNation is hosting a poll for your favorite commercial. The poll only contains 12 commercials, which seems a little light (no Y2K?), but regardless you can head over to the ESPN site to check it out.

    Patrick to Leave ESPN 7/9/2007
    Dan Patrick announced on his radio show today that he would be leaving ESPN on August 17th. Patrick announced no definitive plans for his future, although he did mention the possibility of doing more radio shows. Dan worked for ESPN for 18 years, primarily as a SportsCenter anchor. He started his radio show in 1999. ESPN story

    Reynolds Files Suit 11/13/2006
    Fired ESPN analyst Harold Reynolds has filed a $5 million lawsuit for wrongful termination. Reynolds was fired back in July, seemingly without cause. He claims that the reason he was fired (a "brief and innocuous" hug with a female intern) was not justified and not in breach of his contract. Read more about this development at WCBS-TV. For more opinion on the situation, check out Steve Kelley or Dave Kindred.

    Olbermann's Last Stand? 10/30/2006
    Richard Johnson of the NY Post has published an item indicating that MSNBC host and former SportsCenter anchor Keith Olbermann may be hiding from an outspoken one-night stand. A woman only known by KarmaBites has been vocal about Keith's lackluster encounter and is threatening to publish several emails that he sent her. Apparently Olbermann has yet to deny any involvement with this mystery woman. Read the news blurb at NY Post Page Six.

    Olbermann's Worst People 10/23/2006
    Keith Olbermann released a new book titled "The Worst Person in the World: And 202 Strong Contenders". The book is made up of transcripts of the segment of the same name that is a regular part of his MSNBC show. You can check out the book and its review at There's also a review from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel for a somewhat alternative opinion.

    ESPN Mobile Canned 10/5/2006
    ESPN has announced that their much-hyped mobile phone service will be shut down by the end of the year. Market analysts suspect that ESPN was unable to garner the number of subscribers that they needed to offset the huge expense of running the network. Read more about this story at The Washington Times

    New SportsCenter Commercials 10/5/2006
    New "This is SportsCenter" commercials have been popping up on the network, and ESPN has graciously posted them in the SportsCenter section of their ESPN TV site. Recent commercials include the Chad Johnson touchdown dance pitch meeting and the Manning brothers bickering. There are currently about 20 commercials that you can view on that site.

    Olbermann Spooked 10/5/2006
    The outspoken Keith Olbermann, former SportsCenter anchor and current host of his MSNBC Countdown show, got a bit of a scare recently. Keith opened his mail to find a letter containing a suspicious white powder. Of course, he was freaked out and immediately called 911. Turns out the substance was only soap powder, but that didn't stop him from getting a full workup at a local hospital. Read more on this story at New York Post.

    ESPN (Disney) Best Place to Launch a Career 9/14/2006
    In this week's BusinessWeek, Disney (and ESPN in particular) was named as the number 1 employer. The article starts off describing what it's like to be a SportsCenter production assistant -- something that you should be familiar with if you've ever seen some of the behind-the-scenes SportsCenter episodes. Surely working for SportsCenter is many people's dream. For anyone seriously considering signing on, be prepared those most "dream" jobs usually come with a downside -- low pay, long hours, etc.

    BBTN's Reynolds Fired 7/28/2006
    Harold Reynolds, one of the mainstays of Baseball Tonight for 11 years, was fired by ESPN on Monday. The cause of the dismissal is reportedly repeated incidents of sexual harrassment. Certainly a surprising development considering it was so sudden and without warning. Reynolds was in the first year of a six-year deal. Read more at Newsday and USA Today.

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