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Everybody loves the "This is SportsCenter" commercials, so we've done our best to collect as many as we can here from various sources. There used to be a site run by Jeremy Stoll that had them all listed, but that site (and many of the video files) has since disappeared, so we have now built upon his original list. Many thanks to those who have contributed files from their personal stash.

Here are some additional links to more SportsCenter-related sites for commercial or video files:

  • ESPN's "This is SportsCenter" site
  • ESPN SportsCenter TV
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    What are the anchors saying during the credits? AVI
    The life of a production assistant. MOV
    Rookie hazing. AVI
    Duke alum Grant Hill's talents on display. AVI
    How they get the highlights. MOV RM
    Pre-show rituals. AVI MOV
    Taking advantage of celebrity status. MOV
    Athletes hanging around in Bristol. AVI MOV
    Does the Rocket still have it? AVI MOV RM
    Child anchor can't cut it. MPG
    New anchors get cocky.  
    SportsCenter spinoffs. MOV RM
    Looking for new on-air personalities. AVI
    Attitude training for young players.  
    Blockbuster trade: Steiner for Shue. MOV
    Athletes do what they can to keep anchors in good spirits.  
    Gary and Keith want no part of inner peace. MOV RM
    The gang sends an emotional plea to the Patrick Ewings of the world. AVI
    Friday afternoon SportsCenter barbecues. AVI MOV RM
    They have some tricks for sweeps week.  
    Dancin' with the big fella. AVI MOV RM
    The UPS man gets told what it's like. AVI
    Athletes bribing anchors for airtime. MOV RM
    Dan and Keith question a mascot's cleanliness. MOV
    Bill Walton becomes enviro-friendly. AVI
    When love and work collide for Charley.  
    Jack Edwards gets a shoe deal. AVI
    Gary Miller gets one, too. AVI
    The big fella versus a pinata. AVI
    SportsCenter catch phrases. AVI
    How the anchors are paired. MOV
    SportsCenter elevator.  
    Counselor. MOV RM
    Dan gets help picking lead-in.   MOV
    Stuart Scott working late at night. AVI
    Competitive at SportsCenter. AVI MOV RM
    Athletes helping deliver the highlights. MOV QT RM
    Copying machine. AVI MOV RM
    More Clemens.   MOV
    Caring about more than sports. QT
    Fast food. MOV RM
    SportsCenter lobby. AVI
    Overseas markets. AVI MOV RM
    Milestones are big occasions on SportsCenter. AVI
    SportsCenter provides the very best in child care. AVI MOV RM
    The big buddy program is all about the kids. AVI MOV RM
    How tough is it to have a perfect show?...ask Dan Patrick. AVI
    SportsCenter goes Y2K crazy. AVI WMV
    See which famous tennis star donned the Famous Chicken suit. AVI
    Promoting from within. AVI
    Athletes are part of the culture at SportsCenter. AVI MOV RM
    Which SportsCenter: Ricky Williams RM
    Which SportsCenter: Jerome Bettis RM
    Which SportsCenter: Keyshawn Johnson RM
    Which SportsCenter: Ricky Watters RM
    Which SportsCenter: Steve Francis RM
    Which SportsCenter: Vince Carter RM
    Casual Friday taken to the extreme. AVI RM
    For Kenny Mayne, dolls have a way of coming to life. AVI MOV RM
    SportsCenter anchors pay tribute to their idols with tattoos. AVI MOV RM
    Judges can be tough, even on the SportsCenter anchors. AVI RM
    Tony Hawk pays a visit to the ESPN studios. AVI MOV RM
    No matter how hard you try, completing a show can be difficult. AVI MOV RM
    Some ESPN personalities get more fan mail than others. AVI MOV RM
    Rivalries between field reporters and studio anchors run deep. AVI MOV RM
    Blame it on the beads. AVI MOV RM
    Michael Andretti volunteers to give Suzy Kolber a lift, but... MOV RM
    The Dan Patrick "Beanie Buddy" giveaway sets off a riot at SportsCenter. MOV RM
    Two lucky contest winners earn cameo appearances in SportsCenter commercials. MOV RM
    SportsCenter anchors pitch in to give Strugg a lift. MOV RM
    Carrying Kerri loses its luster after awhile. MOV RM
    Dan Patrick cashes in on his gift from Mark McGwire. MOV RM
    Things aren't always pretty at ESPN's summer cookouts. MOV RM
    Rich Eisen has some serious help in his corner. MOV RM
    Gheorghe Muresan and 'Lil Penny share a tender moment. MOV RM
    A/V guys are always a little quirky. MOV RM
    It's just another day at the office for Stu Scott who greets fellow men's room goers. MOV RM
    Just by looking at the new high-tech set, you'd assume that things have changed at SportsCenter. MOV RM
    Kenny Mayne takes a victory lap after beating Alexi Lalas. MOV RM
    ESPN's "Old Timers" Day doesn't go as smoothly as planned. MOV RM
    Dan Patrick gives Kenny Mayne some golf tips during a SportsCenter break. MOV RM
    Jeanette Lee and anchor Bill Pidto square off for an old-fashioned showdown. MOV RM
    Dan Patrick investigates a power outage in Bristol. MPG RM

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