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Proof that Stu Scott is Gay

From: Mean Entered: 8/12/2003 10:00:00 AM
Subject: Stu Sucks

So I'my watching this chat with Stu on Someone asks him if he remembers where he was when the US Hockey team won in 80, his answer and I quote

"football season had ended a month and a half before. I was busy rehearsing for the play "Bye Bye Birdie" at Mt. Tabor High School with my favorite teacher ever Miss Carol Midura. She was probably my favorite because we used to have cast parties at her house."

WTF? What does football ending a month earlier have to do with anything? Your a puss trying to sound tough while admitting you acted in gay plays

From: Anonymous Entered: 2/24/2004 1:12:43 AM
Subject: Stu sucks

Well, I'm convinced. You have proven beyond all doubt that S.S. is gay. Congratulations on your brilliant thesis, you must have worked very hard on it. And I'm sure a highly educated person like you put a lot of thought into your conclusion.

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