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NFL on FOX "injury on the field" music

From: Anonymous Entered: 11/9/2008 2:12:10 PM
Subject: NFL on FOX "injury on the field" music

Does anybody have the NFL on FOX "injury on the field" music? its the one when someone is injured on the field, and right before they go to a commercial, they play the music....its like a soft-piano music version of the music they play during the "gamebreaks"

please help

From: Anonymous Entered: 11/9/2008 8:28:02 PM
Subject: found it a little

here its the music played at the very end of this youtube video, during the packers/vikings game

From: mike Entered: 12/22/2008 3:55:46 PM
Subject: me too

hmmm i would like this as well. I know what music he's talking about.


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