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Please help me find....

From: PTB Entered: 9/2/2008 1:27:54 PM
Subject: Theme Music

I'm looking for the following tracks: hopefully you all can help me:
1.) From NFL Films, SuperBowl summaries - Superbowl 14: Rams vs. Steelers - the music played where Bradshaw connects with Swann in the 2nd half to go up 17 - 13, then the Rams use a trick play to go back up 19 - 17. I've heard it a ton of times. It seems like it's an old KPM type cut.

2.) The classic NFL films song, that is also played at the end of the SB 14 summary, where the Steelers have the last drive for the decisive touchdown - Franco Harris dives in for the score.

3.) HBO Boxing theme - 1989 - 1994/5

thanks all for your assistance.

As a token, I'm not sure if this has been posted, but there are a ton of classic sports themes that can be found here:

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