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sportscenter baseball background music

From: matt Entered: 5/17/2003 2:30:14 AM
Subject: baseball background themes

would anyone happen to know where i could find or purchase the background music sportscenter and baseball tonight plays when they run highlights of the games? most of them are somewhat "techno"-ish. i did hear one of them played once in a commercial for a horse derby, so perhaps the songs were developed out-of-studio. if anyone could help, that would be great, thanks!

From: Anonymous Entered: 7/25/2003 12:48:09 PM
Subject: >

What I want is the song played on baseball tonight that they play during most oakland As highlights. After about fifteen seconds into it these chellos start playing and then it goes into a guitar.

From: mike Entered: 5/2/2004 1:35:56 AM
Subject: Baseball Tonight Music

YES! I totally agree - I would love to be able to purchase these instrumental pieces. I have had no luck with internet searching (except finding this site :)) But I have about 10 or so songs that have been rattling around in my brain for about 10 years from BBTN background music. And I have heard many in other places, so there is a good chance they are out of studio. If anyone gets a bead on any info - please email me: . Thanks.

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