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ESPN Top Ten Games of The Year

From: Anonymous Entered: 1/12/2008 11:44:42 PM
Subject: There was an ESPN special on their top ten games of 2007, and they showed Applachain State over Mich

Does anyone know the music toward the end of the highlight, of ESPN's top ten games of the year special, featuring Applachain State over Michigan. I'm dying to know thanks

From: Anonymous Entered: 5/11/2008 2:58:29 PM
Subject: I know it!!!

I can't believe you posted this question. I was looking for the exact info myself. I loved the highlights and fell in love with the song. I saw it one day on MTV and had to download it right away.

Here is the info.

The song was called

Pictures of you
By The last goodnight

Hope that helps.

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