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You all have done a wonderful job, here's another classic we need to track down.

From: Kumar Entered: 12/5/2007 3:37:11 AM
Subject: Sunday Night and Monday Night tracks (circa 1999-2006)

Does anyone remember those in game themes from SNF and MNF before the broadcast switch? Thiesman and Paul McGwire were commentators on ESPN SNF and Dennis Miller on ABC MNF.

My search is for those great in game tracks, especially from SNF. There is one that always used to air after coming back from a commercial with a shot of the city and stadium, etc. The most predominant sound was a siren and it was great.

In the MNF themes, the trumpet was used the most and the theme(s) were usually played during near the beginning where the helmets would collide and explode.

I think most of these tracks were on NFL 2k3 and ESPN NFL Football if that helps you remember.
Any help as to where I could find these classic tracks would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Amazing work on the CBS theme and the Primetime music. It took me years, but I finally got those b.c of you guys. Lets see if we can track these down too.

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