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NFL on CBS Theme Download? '05-present

From: woochieguy Entered: 10/21/2007 5:29:37 PM
Subject: Doesn't anyone have it?!

What I'm (and everyone else) is looking for: the theme music which plays when NFL on CBS is on. It plays when they show advertisements, when they go into
our out of a commercial break, when the quarters start and end, during 'out of town scoreboard' clips, etc.
The song of which the theme has came from since '05 is 'Rise To Glory' by ES Posthumus. The song that that the theme came from from '03-'04 was 'Posthumus Zone' by ES Posthumus.
I would get Rise to Glory because I don't mind it, but I'd SO much prefer having the Rise to Glory instrumental.
BUT what i'm looking for isn't the direct instrumental from that rap song, because it isn't really what the NFL on CBS theme is. It isn't exactly that instrumental.

What I've Found: The closest i've gotten is this:
This isn't the instrumental version of Posthumus Zone; it is the theme used on NFL on CBS from '03-'04. Again I want the theme used from '05-present (Rise To Glory version). Not with people rapping on it, but not the direct instrumental either. THE THEME THAT THEY ACTUALLY USE...

I've scoured through the 'Theme Music from NFL Primetime Highlights' thread over and over again and I still couldn't find it.

Now if someone could post the link from some sharing website or somethin, that would be awesome.

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