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From: Anonymous Entered: 3/13/2003 8:55:55 AM
Subject: kenny mayne

does anyone seen him at all any more?

has he gone elsewhere?

From: josh Entered: 3/25/2003 10:55:04 AM
Subject: AMEN!!!

i hadn't seen him in a long time ... i tune in every friday & saturday hoping to see him but he is NEVER ON ... i guess it's just another case of THE MAN holding him down :-(


From: the scoop Entered: 3/25/2003 8:16:42 PM
Subject: where's kenney mayne

he's still there...just doing more feature pieces. Look for him this week on SportsCenter at The Players Championship in Ponte Verde.

I agree..he should be on more...but he's being used for special features instead...

From: josh Entered: 3/27/2003 9:47:59 AM
Subject: there he is!

27 march

kenny mayne is on today's espn motion doing a bit about photographing tiger woods...

"a picture is worth a thousand words. seven of them being, 'You idiot! Enough with the stupid camera!'"

"Work it ... work it! Good! Good! Make love to the camera. Alright, a little sullen. A little coy."

get 'em kenny!!!


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