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Anti_ESPN_Classic_Page The Real Classic Sports Network

From: Terrence Michael Clay Entered: 8/18/2007 4:44:29 AM
Subject: Anti_ESPN_Classic_Page The Real Classic Sports Network

ESPN Classic has become the product of ESPN's extended programming. It has essentially become the ESPN overflow channel for live games like today's college football game and its original programming.

In a cost-cutting move, the schedule in recent years, has largely become composed of ESPN original programming, highlighting sports such as poker, bowling, and bass fishing, with less emphasis on re-airing classic games of major-league sports such as National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, and National Collegiate Athletic Association games.

Before ESPN took things over in about 1997, it was Classic Sports Network, an independent start-up network that had rights to sports from all over. When ESPN took over, it continued in that vein, until the rights expired. Now its just garbage out of ESPN's not-too-deep vault. "Stump the Schwab" and live events should not be a part of the channel.

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