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Classic "NFL on CBS" and "NFL on NBC" Yahoo! Clubs

From: Terrence Michael Clay Entered: 8/18/2007 4:32:18 AM
Subject: Classic "NFL on CBS" and "NFL on NBC" Yahoo! Clubs

On January 23, 1994, CBS Sports, after 38 years of service, televised its final National Football League game (at least until 1998, when they started broadcasting the AFC package). It was the NFC Championship Game between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers. As the NFC (originally NFL) package was moving to the upstart FOX, a piece of NFL history died that particular day. From 1956-early 1994, CBS televised some of the NFL's most memorable and dramatic moments such as "The Ice Bowl", the first ever Super Bowl, "The Miracle at the Meadowlands", "The Catch", "The Fog Bowl" among others.

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NBC televised the National Football League in one shape or another since 1939, when they aired the first-ever televised pro football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the now defunct Brooklyn Dodgers football team. From 1955-1963, NBC was the televised home to the NFL Championship Game (now the National Football Conference Title Game). The 1958 NFL Championship Game (a.k.a. "The Greatest Game Ever Played") between the Baltimore Colts and the New York Giants was seen by many throughout the country. It's credited with increasing the popularity of professional football in the late 1950s and early 1960s. By 1965, NBC became the exclusive home of the American Football League (now the American Football Conference, following the 1970 merger with the NFL). On January 25, 1998, NBC had its final NFL telecast for almost ten years (Super Bowl 32). Although the NFL would return to NBC in 2006, with the advent of "Sunday Night Football", it's essentially ABC's "Monday Night Football" on a different network. This club is dedicated to the classic era of "The NFL on NBC" (particularly when they covered the AFC package).

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