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From: dan Entered: 2/9/2003 2:39:37 AM
Subject: The Praise

Lord Stuart (not a Tudor) Scott is the greatest anchor to ever hit the television screen, delivering lines of such eloquence with an incredible ease. He is a God among men, a diamond in the rough, if you will. Whoever thinks Stuart Scott sucks...a plague upon you...and your cat. Your sister is ugly too.
Oh Stu! Carry the torch that such men as Keith Olberman, Kenny Mayne and Craig Kilborn have carried before you, and that such forces as Dan I have a lot of Irish in My name Patrick, Rece's Pieces and The Swami continue to carry today...Lead on...we will follow.....

From: Anonymous Entered: 8/13/2004 1:52:24 PM
Subject: stuart scott

Dan, are you on crack? Stuart Scott is perhaps the worst anchor ever. His constant attempts to bring hip hop "flava" into completely inappropriate venues, like hockey, are way off the mark and his attempts to attain street chops from his "own" are laughable at best, but for all the wrong reasons. He should wear a priate patch over his eye because that is his act, he pirate's from everyone and has never acheived an original cogent thought. Like I said on "stuart scott sucks", there is only one side of the pillow, smelly and sweaty, just like Stu's act.

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