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Stuart Scott Sucks

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From: Jerry Entered: 4/24/2004 11:48:38 PM
Subject: shut up stewy!

I love it when some retard try's to defend Stewy by saying, " you people just don't know how hard it is to be a sports center anchor". I certainly do know they have a tough job. I think Stewy is a pretty bright, knowlegeable sports guy. However he has chose to be more famous for screaming BOOYEAH and MO-JO every 5 minutes.

He could be well known as a serious sports journalist instead he wants to be a clown because the average fat, drunk, uneducated slob sitting at home finds his act entertaining.

You will never go broke underestimating the intelligence fo the American public.

From: Anonymous Entered: 4/27/2004 8:42:12 PM
Subject: Jerry is dead on right

Jerry, I couldn't agree more. Stu is a jackass that just wants his grill in front of the camera all the fuckin time. Anyone that think Stu is cool, simply knows nothing. And also the guy that says the Stu's a racist is right on. I remember watching that Sportscenter when Stu called Tim Dwight a whitey. My friend and I were outraged. We called ESPN and they told us they couldn't do anything about it. What a bunch of bullshit!!!!

From: Tank Entered: 5/2/2004 11:43:13 PM
Subject: It's All Good

Hey I've been reading all this bullshit in here about how the Sportscenter deskmen are racist. Grow up, I've never heard any of them say anything racist, who cares if they wanna be funny even if they aren't. The shows for enjoyment, chill out, drink a beer. Peace.

From: Anonymous Entered: 5/4/2004 9:11:05 PM
Subject: To Tank

I don't mind Stuart Crooked Eye TRYING to be funny. But I get mad when he calls Tim Dwight a "whitey" and noone says anything about it. For the millionth time, if Kenny Mayne or any other white ESPN anchor said about Michael Vick "Look at that blackie or n----- run" they would be fired...this is NOT an opinion. It's a fact and you know it. So why can Crooked Eye get away with it and NOT even asked to apologize? Fuckin ridiculous!!!!!

From: Dawn Entered: 5/7/2004 12:54:16 PM
Subject: Stuart Scott

I don't like Stuart either. He annoys me to no end. I turn down the TV when he is on. I do however have one favorite anchor. NEIL EVERETT.. You may disagree with me and that is okay.

From: Anonymous Entered: 5/7/2004 8:40:41 PM
Subject: To Dawn

No sweetheart, Neil Everett is cool. He doesn't try and jam down your throats a bunch of crap.

From: Ian Entered: 5/9/2004 2:38:00 PM
Subject: Dear Mr. Anonymous

First of all I think we all got your point that you don't like the fact that Stuart Scott used "whitey". I don't know much about this incident but why would he appoligize to Tim Dwight if he was not offended by it. Just looking at this comment you can tell it was based mostly on the man's name. Dwight/Whitey wierd huh? Secondly I've been looking back at this thread for a while and every comment for the last couple weeks must be followed by one of yours. Some of us like Stuart Scott, some of us don't, I can't for the life of me understand why this thread is still going. I'm also a little bit curious as to why you think its appropriate to call someone sweetheart. I don't want some heated comment back from you I just want the same argument to stop appearing on this thread. If you were that offended by his comment then write to espn and tell them, but in no way does "whitey" even come close to being as offensive as the n word.

From: Anonymous Entered: 5/10/2004 7:55:13 PM
Subject: Crooked Eye

First of all, I called ESPN. They told me that they would pass on my complaint. I wasn't offended by Crooked Eye's comment either. What I am offended by is that every little thing that is said in reverse is dictated as racist and an apology is demanded. Do you really think that Stu said that because of his name almost rhymes with whitey? Come on, you're reaching a bit buddy. Surely you're smarter than that, aren't you???

From: ian Entered: 5/14/2004 12:43:35 AM
Subject: just cause this is entertaining

The thing that bothers me about the racist comment is the fact that its solely based on the fact that he once said "whitey." When he said that i seriously doubt he said to himself "you know what, today i'm just gonna throw out a racist comment towards white people to see if i can get away with it." If i had any reason to believe that he did then i would be inclined to agree with you. In most cases when the N word is used by anyone other than african americans it is generally blantently racist and mean spirited. I dont think whitey fits those standards and people thinking that that statement makes him racist is just a hasty generalization. The other arguement i see is that he jams street jargon down peoples throats. I can understand not liking it, but in no way does that make him racist. When i hear whitey it just doesnt register as a racial slur and i dont see that as a double standard. If he were to call sammy sosa a dirty puerto rican(and im just saying that for the sake of the argument) then i would understand your complaint. As far as the dewight/whitey thing, maybe i am stretching it but there is a little something to that. Finally i dont think insulting my inteligence calling a man with a glass eyeball "crooked eye" among other things helps your argument to stop throwing around hateful words.

From: Anonymous Entered: 5/16/2004 9:19:42 PM
Subject: To Ian

First off Ian, how many times do I have to say this. The whitey comment didn't bother me. It doesn't bother most white people. But would he ever call...say Marvin Harrison whitey? or Michael Vick whitey? I think not. He called Tim Dwight "whitey" because he's white. And it's blacks that are always saying we shouldn't be doing that kind of stuff. But it's ok for them to do it. Where do you not understand my argument? Where do you not understand the double standard? Would it be ok for Kenny Mayne to say "Barry Bonds took the day off, perhaps because his dark skin doesn't like the sun." Of course he couldn't say it and he shouldn't. But Stuart Scott (sorry Crooked Eye offends you. I love how you run to this guy's defense) can get away with it. And yes Ian, I DO think Stuart's "whitey" comment was pre meditated. What world do you live on? Do you really think anything he says is spur of the moment? There is a double standard. Too bad you're too blind and liberal to see it.

From: Anonymous Entered: 5/16/2004 9:23:39 PM
Subject: I am right

And Ian, until the words "I see your point of view" are uttered. This argument is OVER.....ADIOS!!!!!

From: ian Entered: 5/20/2004 12:14:17 AM
Subject: just call me whitey

maybe it's just me but to tell you the truth i dont understand what the hell you are talking about. In one post you say youre so offended about the use of whitey and yet you say it doesnt bother you at all. If you werent offended by the comment why would you go so far as to call espn and tell them about it. I'm not exactly sure what you want out of this. Maybe some day youll get your wish and stuart scott will get on sportscenter and apoligize directly to you. All any of your supporters have is this one isolated incident that hasnt happend since. Im sorry, he's not going to get fired. Stuart Scott may not have been completly right but get over it for gods sake, whitey isnt even a racial slur. You can go on thinking youre right but thats about the most immature stance you could have. I realize youre never going to agree with me but i dont really care cuz youre not "right" and not everyone thinks you are.

From: ian Entered: 5/20/2004 12:28:25 AM
Subject: continued

also i understand its the double standard thing that bothers you but my simple point is that its not a double standard because had someone said the n word on tv there would have been five thousand people on the phone. He says whitey and you get a scattered ten people around the country that were offended on priciple like yourself. If it didnt offend you thats exactly the point and thats what makes things worthy of apology.

From: big t Entered: 5/20/2004 11:48:01 PM
Subject: no lie, lazy eye

this is great!!! i absolutely love the fact that other people hate stuart scott as much as i do!! i really had no idea.

for those of you who don't understand our frustration with this pud, let me explain.

the guy is a total fraud. he uses his ostensible blackness as a gimmick, and he tries to get dumb white people to buy into what they might perceive as "cool, hip-hop, flavor." The shithead was a thespian in high school for christ's sake. This guy has no street cred. He's an ass-licking sycophant who HAS NEVER asked a difficult, challenging question to an influential black athlete. If I was stu i wouldnt either, they'd probably expose him.

He's not a journalist either. He's an actor playing a part, and, unfortunately for the viewing public, he's not doing a very good job. Oh, yeah, the lazy eye? NOT-CAMERA FRIENDLY, at all.

I mean, come on, he makes a living on regurgitating lines like "PLAYA-HATIN'!!, which is hilarious, but for all the wrong reasons.

On top of that, he's a rip-off artist (that Dennis Miller line he ripped off is a classic) and I catch him pulling that shit all the time. None of the lines he uses are original.

Open your eyes people. Do you enjoy being had?do you enjoy being deceived and lied to? It might take some time to realize what you're seeing. I liked him in 1997, but then it got old, and it got old fast, and he ended up ruining sportscenter. So did john anderson though (poor, poor man's craig kilbourn)

Now that was phat, yo!!

From: Jerry Entered: 5/22/2004 12:14:44 AM
Subject: right Ian, you are finally getting it!

of course if a white guy drops an N bomb there would be 5000 phone calls. that's the PC bullshit, double standard that exists today.

The late Payne Stewart mimmicks an Asian guy's voice and he is raked over the coals. I'm still waiting for Reggie White to apologize for breaking out every racial sterotype in the book when talking in front of Wisconsin lawmakers a few years back. Oh yeah, he also slammed gays too. "That's not a race, it's a choice" Reggie cried.

Someone says something about white people and it goes unnoticed.

Howard Cosel say's " look at that monkee run" about a black guy and he is crucified. Nevermind he used to call white guys monkees too.

don't even get me started on Charles Barkley, who I love by the way. He can say anything he wants and everyone laughs. Ha Ha Ha . Chuck!!!

It's a double standard, if you don't get it. Well, I guess you don't get it.

F stewy scott!

From: ian Entered: 5/24/2004 12:40:29 AM
Subject: ygdrd

I swear every time i try to get a point across you manage to gather everthing except what i want you to. I agree that double standards are rediculous and often times people take things way too far. My initial reacations were to your comment saying that stu scott calling a man whitey is equal to look at that n run. What i really dont think you understand is how can something be a double standard if it doesnt actually offend many people. The N word has been a derogatory for centuries, whitey has not. I agree that reggie white should appoligize for his statements, i'm by no means saying that black people should get away with everything. This is the first i feel like you came back at me with something anywhere close to being equal.( Also even though he didnt apologize its not like he wasn't widely criticized for his somments.) By being outraged by the whitey comment and double standards your being just as stupid as those who are outraged by payne stuarts impersonations.

Thank god theres someone out there standing up for white rights. Lord knows we've been fighting for centuries to achieve equality.

From: Anonymous Entered: 5/27/2004 11:26:43 AM
Subject: ANCHORS


From: Jerry Entered: 5/29/2004 7:32:08 PM
Subject: Ian

Obviousy you have confused me with Anonymous.

Obviously I thought you did not recognize the double standard that is alive and well today. I'm sorry about that. I like your point about if no one finds it offensive how can it be a double standard.

That's why it's PC bullshit. I don't think many asian american's found Payne Stewarts joke offensive.

Of course the N word is way out of bounds. But in todays society any thing you say that brings more attention to someone's race you are labled a racist.

So when Stewy calls a white guy whitey he should suffer the same shit that Fuzzy, Payne, Harry Caray, John Rocker, etc.

From: Anonymous Entered: 6/7/2004 7:44:22 AM
Subject: Stu Scott Sucks

How can Stu juistify talking about professional football players, when he himself cannot even catch a football(except with his eyeball). I cannot even stomach him on Monday Night Countdown or on NFL Prime Time. And please get his crazy eyeball off my T.V. His eyeball should have a show on ESPN.

Stu's Eyeball: Welcome, Jerry Rice to the Stu Scott Eyeball hotseat.

Jerry Rice: Umm nice to "see" you again crazy eyeball. Hey, I'm over here now. Are you even looking at me or something else?

Stu's Eyeball: @#$%*&^%$#$

Jerry Rice: Man tell Stu to learn to catch a football, then ask me some questions.

Stu's Eyeball: @#$%*&^%$#$

From: Anonymous Entered: 6/7/2004 7:47:09 AM
Subject: Stu's Eye

I heard Stu Scotts Eyeball has its own agent. And things are "looking" up for the eyeball.

From: Wobbly H Entered: 6/16/2004 2:30:39 AM
Subject: Stuart Scott's Eyeball

Okay. So black people can get away with adding a "y" to white to describe white people, but white people can't do the same thing to black people.

Meanwhile, white people are able to take advantage of every opportunity our society offers - better schools, better jobs, more fair police protection - you name it. So you pussies can gripe all day about how unfair it is to live in this reverse-racist society. Or you can look at the big picture and realize that you're a bunch of whiny jackasses with too much time on their hands and get back to the subject at hand - what's up with Stuart Scott's eye?

From: Anonymous Entered: 6/16/2004 8:20:10 AM
Subject: FINALLY!!!!!!

Way to go, Wobbly H! Finally more than one person with a brain on this thread!

From: Moi Entered: 7/2/2004 7:33:03 AM
Subject: Stu

The first couple of pages of this thread were pretty entertaining. Then some a-hole started whining about about Stuart calling Tim Dwight "Whitey" and everything went to crap. Hey, stupido - "Whitey" was simply a play on Dwight's last name. It was dumb and corny but not meant to be racially offensive. You have a bug up your butt about other matters if you think it was. Get some counselling. I live in Philadelphia and Richie Ashburn was known as "Whitey" here for almost 50 years.

From: Tbone Entered: 7/3/2004 7:00:58 PM
Subject: Scott Sucks

I am watching the Whos Number 1 movies hosted by Scott and had to do a yahoo search "Stuart Scott Sucks" to see if I could find a support group for the feelings I have about him. I was not surprised to see hundreds of web sites talking about the negatvie hateful feelings directed towards him. What I don't understand is how is he still on TV? What does he have on ESPN execs?

Everytime I hear his voice, see him on TV I just want to cringe. Is there anyway we can just make him go away? HELP!

From: BridgeBurner Entered: 7/5/2004 11:12:10 AM
Subject: Stu Sucks

Stuart Scott is OK, I guess. But can't shake the feeling that he's a black guy who talks like a white guy trying to 'act black'. If that makes any sense to anyone else.

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