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Stuart Scott Sucks

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From: Anonymous Entered: 1/11/2004 6:09:31 AM
Subject: Stuart Scott is a dong

Stuart Scott is the worst journalist on the face of the planet. A stroke-riddled baboon has more potential behind a TV desk than this sorry excuse.

From: Dan Patrick Entered: 1/14/2004 11:00:29 PM
Subject: stuart scott

Listen, I realize this is the internet and you guys are allowed to voice your own opinions about people, but that gives you no right to make fun of someone like Stuart until you actually get a chance to meet him. Stuart and I have worked together almost 5 or 6 years now and I have never met someone more enthusiastic about his job who has such a genuine love for sports. He is an incredibly talented anchor and more importantly a loving father, something that I certainly value in a person. So in closing, why don't you jerk offs get your &%@# off your computer and get a life. You all have probably never gotten laid and spend most of your time jerking off to pictures of Linda Cohn on the internet while bantering about how Stuart Scott is an "afirmative action" case.

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From: Anonymous Entered: 1/20/2004 12:23:28 PM
Subject: stu is horrible

stuart scott is horrible he thinks he turns sports center into the stuart scott show he needs to tone it down or at least be funny we know you listen to hip hop big deal. we ned more Kenny Mayne or Scott Van Pelt those gus actually funny and they dont overdue it

From: Anonymous Entered: 1/21/2004 4:48:34 PM
Subject: Stuart Scott

Like Dan, I also have the priviledge of knowing Stuart very well...and by reading your comments I will venture to guess that none of you have had that priviledge. Not only is Stuart very good at what he does, but more importantly, he is an amazing person. If you ever had the opportunity to spend a day at ESPN and watch these guys "behind the scenes" you would develop a whole new respect for each and every one of them. What they do is amazing, and recquires incredible talent. Of course, that is why they are behind the desk makin millions, and you're on the other side watchin them (as you get ready for your $10 an hour job)

From: Anonymous Entered: 1/21/2004 10:54:15 PM
Subject: is stuart scott's eye fake??? if it is which one is it?

lol just wanted to know if you guys knew the answer to this strange but rumoured question?

From: Anonymous Entered: 2/11/2004 6:03:08 PM
Subject: Self Control

I'll begin by saying that I enjoy Stuart Scott. That is just a personal feeing.....something I like to call an opinion. Anyhow, it is perfectly fine to like or dislike someone's work. When entertainment is the industry in question, feelings and opinions from the audience are the measure of job performance. We have to remember, however, that unless someone in entertainment gets personal, or passes judgement, we can tell very little about who they are. Stuart may not be entertaining to everyone who watches him, but he is just reporting on sporting events and making benign statements that are meant sometimes to be humerous. The point is, we may like or dislike the job he does, but nothing gives us the reason or the right to insult him as a person. Try constrcutive criticism. Becoming personal in at situation such as this uncalled for, irrational, and franky immature.

From: Anonymous Entered: 2/23/2004 11:38:28 AM
Subject: Embarrassing

I turn it off immediately if this ass-clown is one the tube. I can't believe that ESPN has sunken to the depths of shoving this piece of crap down our throats every night. Talk about a man without a country. They want him for the hip hop flava but the black's no he's about as white as they come. The whites hate him for constantly trying to prove he's black!

From: Pimp C Entered: 2/23/2004 10:42:09 PM
Subject: Stuart Scott

Man I am really tired of tuning into sportscenter and seeing this punk named Stuart Scott run through highlights of games entrenching us with low budget, played out wanna be thug lingo. Everyone knows this fool aint from the streets, so Stuart do us all a favor and just give the highlights and the score, alright dog. lol u clown.

From: Your Mom Entered: 2/24/2004 6:52:39 PM
Subject: Stu is a racist

How come Stuart "I'm trying to be as black as possible" Scott can getting away with calling Tim Dwight a "whitey" without even being repremended? Stu we all know you hate white folks. It's very obvious. You were quoted as saying once "I'm the sportscaster for the brutha (ebonics for brother, which is slang for black people for all of you that aren't up with your hipness)." I got news for you Stu....some black people hate you too, because you're a phony!!!

Please ESPN, stop putting his grill every f----n place on your network. I'm not saying I want your sportscasters to be robots. I just want people to act themselves and not push their shit on us intelligent sports fans. I don't watch SC hardly at all anymore. When I see Mr. Black Panther on there, I tune in for a few seconds for the chance that he's changed. But I think there's a better chance that Brad Pitt would leave Jennifer Anniston for Linda Cohn.

Too many of these clowns want to be commedians, which isn't what ESPN is about...or is it???

Stu you and your glass crooked eye ball suck. YOu're a racist and a phony. And once you get your nose out of Michael Jordan's crack, I hope you'll have to time to read how "real' sports fans feel about you. We're sick and tired of your phony ebonics. You can't get a witness from the congration. The other side of the pillow is no longer cool either. Come up with something new and original and don't go to Chris "My Act is so so old" Berman for advise either. YOU SUCK STU!!!!!!!!!

From: Your Mom Entered: 2/24/2004 7:07:35 PM
Subject: Stu is still a racist

Ok, Ok, I spelled congregation wrong. I don't think Mr. Black Panther could spell it either.

From: The Duke Entered: 2/24/2004 10:34:14 PM
Subject: More black racists on ESPMTV

The guy that calls himself "your mom" (above) is right. Mr. Glasseye is a racist and so is Michael Wilboner and Steve A(sshole) Smith. Those guys hate white people so much and it's so so obvious.


We're sorry about what happened years ago. We as white honkeys are embarrassed about what our race did. And 99.99999999999% wouldn't condone it today. So please get over it and stop acting like jackasses.

From: Tony Entered: 2/27/2004 1:57:43 PM
Subject: Stuart Scoot

What happen to Stuart Scott's eye? Looks like he has glass eye, does anyone know?

From: zack Entered: 2/28/2004 1:12:24 PM
Subject: the eye

yes it is glass, he tried out w/ the jets a few years ago and ran a button hook route and got the ball thrown into his eye

From: ME Entered: 2/29/2004 9:34:24 PM
Subject: STU

This guy is the friggin worst, too bad that button hook to the eye didn't land in his friggin mouth and he would shut the hell up.

From: Anonymous Entered: 3/1/2004 12:32:39 AM
Subject: Dan Patrick and Stuart Scott sucks

Agreed...Stuart Scott sucks and so does Dan Patrick for his nice little immature rant. Also, who would even think of jerking off to pictures of Linda Cohen anyways? Hmmm....dare I say...Dan Patrick?

From: Whitey Entered: 3/1/2004 12:34:25 AM
Subject: Lay off....

What's up with all tha playa haters??? Between Stu, Wilbon and Steve A, I can't think of another black person on ESPN. I think this is more of a race card being played than it is a true judge of ability. My two cents... all three are good and bring great personality to the network.

From: Anonymous Entered: 3/1/2004 3:30:06 AM
Subject: Sportscenter anchors

I don't really think about the anchors when I watch sportscenter. I'm indifferent to most of then, except Dan Patrick. In his interviews he is too pushy with athletes and I think he comes off as an asshole. Just my opinion

From: The 'f----n' Duke Entered: 3/1/2004 7:07:11 PM
Subject: Blacks on ESPN

Hey Whitey...what about Mike Tirico Kevin Frazier or, John Saunders? I didn't mention them. Crooked Eye, Steven A(sshole) and Wilboner are not the only blacks on ESPMVT. They're just the only ones that are phony cause they hate whites...ooops, maybe John Saunders should go under this category too. My bad. And jerking off to pictures of Linda Cohn?...I'd rather imagine two dead rhinos humping in my backyard.

From: SCUBA Entered: 3/4/2004 12:38:42 AM
Subject: you all need to get a life

You all need to get a life. Watch some Oprah or Dr. Phil to get a better perspective on life. We should love one another, and respect everyone's differences. Stuart may act in ways that you don't, but that doesn't make it wrong. Plus, not all your thoughts are right.

I'm a Packers fan, and my girlfriend is a Vikings fan. If we can live with our differences (though it may be quite difficult), so can you and Stuart Scott.

From: The f----n Duke Entered: 3/5/2004 7:55:11 PM
Subject: SCUBA SUCKS!!!!


What the hell does a relationship between a Vikings and Fudgepacker fan and a relationship between me and crooked eye have to do with anything? You're a jackass!!!!

I'm just tired of blacks like crooked eye getting away with saying shit on the air that some white sportscaster couldn't. Plain and simple, there is a double standard here. Crooked eye is a racist. And I'm only using his definiation when calling him that. Because he would be saying the same thing if a white person called Donovan McNabb the n-word...AND YOU KNOW IT.

From: SCUBA Entered: 3/6/2004 1:14:22 AM
Subject: What the fuck ever

What ever, i am not even black so why would i be pissed if someone called me a stupid ass white guy. Racism is not what we are looking at here... How can you say that he is racist. What did he do to any white guy.. thats right, absolutely nothing. Stu is a good guy, just because you dont think so is bull shit.. lots of people may agree but there are way to many people that do not agree with your antics... Stu is a great guy and great sports caster. So this is SCUBA here saying GO STU!

From: SCUBA Entered: 3/6/2004 1:25:32 AM
Subject: DUKE

Hey f----n Duke, you are a fucking loser just like your beloved bluedevils yesterday.. Oh and by the way, YOU SUCK!! Yep thats right, you suck and there is nothing you can do about it.. STU ROCKS just like me and your mom last night.. Oh and it was good!!! PEACE OUT FUCKER!


From: Jerry Entered: 3/7/2004 6:10:52 PM
Subject: Scuba is a goober


If there is anyone more irritating than Stewy Scott, it would be Oprah and Dr. Phil. If you actually watch those two tools you are dumber than I thought. A couple of fat people handing out diet advice. That is perfect!

Stewy being racist I think is a legitimate argument. He got all upset about people waving the american flag in Chris Jackson's face, but when talking about Tubby Smith and the University of Georgia he called them the Bull Daaawgs?

If most people got on the air and immitated a black person. " hay man.. we don't know what we be winnin". they would be drawn and quartered. There is an obvious double standard here. Only the morons like SCUBA don't see it. I hope it's because that jerkoff is not a real sports fan so as most idiots that like Stewy, wouldn't know a baseball from their own asshole

From: The f----n Duke Entered: 3/7/2004 9:10:09 PM
Subject: SCUBA is classless

First off SCUBA, I was only stating that there is a double standard. Crooked Eye called Tim Dwight a "whitey" during a highlight. This is not an opinion, nor is it up for debate. He did it!!!!! All I'm saying is that if Dan Patrick or Kenny Mayne called Donovan McNabb or Mike Vick a "black so and so", you know they would be in trouble and called a racist. So why can't me or anyone else be upset with Crooked Eye's comments on Tim Dwight or call him a racist, because it's jackasses like him that would be screaming racism had a white guy said the above comments.

I didn't go to Duke either you idiot. I'm not that smart. This is simply my nickname.

Oh, also, my Mom was murdered five years ago, so thanks for the kind words about her. You're all class sir.

From: Anonymous Entered: 3/7/2004 9:13:13 PM
Subject: Jerry is right!!!!

Hey Jerry:

I'm with you all the way on Crooked Eye. SCUBA is simply a classless jerk that doesn't have any substance to back up his arguement so he has to use "Mom" comments.

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