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College GameDay Commercials

From: Evan Entered: 11/29/2006 11:46:35 PM
Subject: THe Theme song?

i want to know what the theme song is when the commercials are like "Football lives here" and it shows a clip of Dwayne Jarrett Catching the football for a TD. you know those commercials? well it would help if i could find the theme, i really like it.

From: C. Josh Doll Entered: 1/1/2007 2:30:02 AM
Subject: Gameday commercails

I dont think its an actual song, its just a school band sound a like, i know the one you are talknig about, its the capitol bowl week song, if I catch it tomorrow ill DVR the commercial and dump the song to my laptop and post it. Only problem is finding one where there is no talking too.

Football lives here.

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