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Top Ten College Football Rivalry Moments

From: Dennis Schanski Entered: 11/26/2002 3:31:58 PM
Subject: Top Ten College Football Rivalry Moments

The Friday, November 22 SportsCenter (6:00 P. M.) had a segment showing the Top Ten College Football Rivalry Moments, which I enjoyed thoroughly, but did not get a chance to tape. (Charles Woodson's punt return vs. Ohio State was #2.) I would dearly love to somehow get a tape of that segment. Can anyone help me? I would certainly send the money for the price of a blank tape, and for shipping. I don't even need the entire show to be taped, just the Top Ten segment. If you can help, my name is Dennis, and my e-mail address is Please get in touch with me, and we can work out the details. Thank you very much!

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