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Scott Van Pelt commercial

From: S Ferguson Entered: 9/30/2002 4:04:50 PM
Subject: Hockey Player

Who is the hockey player in the Scott Van Pelt "American Cheese" Commercial??

From: JT Entered: 12/30/2002 12:01:43 PM
Subject: Simon Gagne???

I believe it is Simon Gagne of the Flyers

From: Anonymous Entered: 3/23/2003 3:28:26 PM
Subject: "American Cheese" Commercial

Does anybody know where you can download the "American Cheese" commercial with Scott Van Pelt and Simon Gagne?

From: Michael Entered: 3/25/2003 8:06:58 PM
Subject: SportsCenter "American Cheese" Commercial

I would also like to know if anyone knows where to download it. Ever since I saw it last year I have been periodically looking for it so that I can show it to my Canadian cousin who is a big Sens fan. They unfortunately only have the Canadian version of ESPN there called TSN. I know the commercial is not in the Video Archive of ESPN's 'This is SportsCenter' website. It is a long shot that someone recorded it to disk and put it online but there is always a possibility.


From: Anonymous Entered: 3/26/2003 8:47:26 PM
Subject: Scott Van Pelt

Post your email to the next message and then I'll email you to get your address - I'll then send you a cd rom with that video and a bunch more on it.

From: TBone Entered: 4/21/2003 12:58:33 PM
Subject: CD

Do you have that "American Cheese" video? It's my favorite and I'd love to get a copy.

From: Kim Entered: 7/16/2003 12:47:19 PM
Subject: Scott Van Pelt

Are you still willing to send a copy of that commercial on CD-ROM? If so I'd definitely be interested. Thanks

From: Samantha Entered: 12/14/2005 8:57:46 PM
Subject: please help

I know that nobody has done this thread in a while but I was hoping that I could still get a copy. Thanks.

From: Karen Entered: 12/20/2005 9:19:38 PM
Subject: American Cheese

With all the Olympic stuff going on I was hoping to get a copy of this commercial too. If the offer's still out there please email me. Thanks!!

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