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From: phillykid Entered: 8/21/2002 8:52:18 PM
Subject: sportscenter

sportsenter is the best o my god i love it so much!!!!!

From: robo Entered: 8/21/2002 8:55:20 PM
Subject: sportscenter

phillykid i couldnt agree with you more. we should get together some time and discuss our obsession with the superb show!!!

From: barry tydes Entered: 12/10/2002 10:25:56 PM
Subject: sports

watching sportscenter is the best part of my day

From: Anonymous Entered: 3/8/2003 3:01:37 AM
Subject: I disagree

There are certain sports that we don't care. Sportscenter would show two highlights NBA games and then jump to golf or other misc stuff. And ESPN don't show enough highlights.

Unless you have Direct TV, you can watch all the (good) highlights on one channel with the same sporting category. For example, NBA TV on Direct TV only show highlights of all NBA games. And they show more highlights than ESPN obviously...

The only program I like on ESPN is NFL Primetime. That show rocks!!

From: Anonymous Entered: 12/1/2003 12:15:44 AM
Subject: you are all idiots

Sportscenter is terrible, i mean horrible...i can barely stand watching it anymore. I doubt any of you watched when Olberman and Patrick were THE tag team combo, because if you had, you could never think anything of this sportscenter. It has become gimmicky and superficial. It's not funny or clever it's flashy and irritating, and I can't wait till I see something better than it from ESPN or any other channel.

From: Dan Patrick's hairweave Entered: 5/10/2005 9:25:42 PM
Subject: I love spotcenter

yeah, it is "spot"center now. How much disney crap can Disnespn cram at us each show? We just have to keep in perspective that sports are an entertainment business, not unlike pro wrestling. It is about keeping advertising dollars coming in while these fans watch drug enhanced athletes entertain. You as a fan do not matter, and never have, and these talking heads on ESPN make Dick Schaap look like a messiah.

From: 'Sheeeeeeeeed WALLACE Entered: 5/26/2006 12:27:16 PM
Subject: Sportscenter BS

I am quite tired of the way SportsCenter is going. It is particularly frustrating as a Pistons fan. When we go to the Finals against the Lakers, all we hear is Kobey, Kobey, Shaq, Shaq... Then we blow them out of the water. Last year we still didn't get the deserved respect despite going to the final minutes of game 7 of the Finals against a formidable opponent. This year there is only one difference. They act as though they have been giving the Pistons respect. But all the talk is Lebron, Lebron, Wade, Shaq. The straw that broke the camel's back which led to this post was Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals last night. SportsCenter gabbed and gabbed about the Heats "glorious" comeback before they lost, but said nothing about how they came back except that Wade scored so many points. They ignored the fact that there were at least 4 missed or bad calls in the final minute, punctuated by Tayshaun Prince's call for timeout that the referee didn't acknowledge. However, SportsCenter ignores this and glorifies a team that should have lost by at least 10 or 12 points. Did anyone see the highlight of Chauncey Billups driving to the basket, and literally deking out each Heat player? No, you didn't. Because they didn't show it. That's the kind of highlight they wont show you from the Pistons. But, there hasn't been a shortage of low-lights of Ben Wallace missing free-throws. HE'S A DEFENSIVE SPECIALIST!!! NOT A SHOT MAKER!!! Why would you waste highlight footage on his freethrows? Why not show his blocks, steals, or alley-oop dunks from Rrrrip?

I could go on for pages...and hours. My point is that SportsCenter continually puts a negative twist on the Pistons. Sorry that we don't have one or two "Mega-Stars", but we do have 5 or 6 Stars. 4 All-Stars.... How many did any other team have? Oh, yeah, and an All-Star coach.

Losing interest in SportsCenter quickly,

Dave, A Rabid Pistons Fan

From: Not a Shaq fan either but.. Entered: 5/30/2006 7:08:49 PM
Subject: Pistons

the pistons are doing that themselves by losing...

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