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Did anyone see the newest sportcenter

From: Anonymous Entered: 11/11/2005 11:10:30 AM
Subject: 76 year old guy military presses big weights

Did anyone else see today/last night's Sportscenter where they show the clip of the 70+ year old guy in a gym doing military presses on like a Smith Machine? He kept making these crazy noises like "WOOOOO EWWWWW WHEEEEW!!!".. anyways I leave ESPN on like 2 or 3 TVs in the house so when I walk from room to room I can watch and stuff because I rarely sit down for the purpose of watching TV. but this way I can watch it all the time while never dedicating my time to strictly TV.

Anyways last night around 2 or 3am I had just laid down in bed to go to sleep and I hear "WOOOOO EWWWWWWW WwOOOOO" through the walls in my bedroom (note: there is a TV in the den outside my bedroom and a TV upstairs on the next floor in the living room both with ESPN on like usual) and I all of a sudden it sounds like the pit crew of a Nascar team is changing tires with those big air-drills outside my house. I get up and walk around and can't figure out what I heard. I go back and lay down and hear it again a while later...Then when I wake up this morning me and my roommate are in the living room and the TV has been cut off but it is still on downstairs pretty loud and we hear it again.. we thought it was either tractor trailor noise from the road near us or a bird like dying in our walls... So I'm actually paying attention this morning to it, and I see the guy doing these presses screamin like a crazy animal and I'm like.. oh that explains it, I guess. But why did I hear it like 20 or 30 mins after the first time because SC is like an hour program. At the end of the show the anchor with almost no hair and black rim glasses (can't remember his name) does his imitation of the guy like 5 times really loud.. LOL.. it was so weird. I really thought there was a bird dying in the walls or something.

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