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This is Sportscenter

From: sabre1041 Entered: 7/22/2005 5:29:13 PM
Subject: This is SportsCenter

i am 99.9% sure i tivo'ed it. Since i wasnt there im not absolutly sure it recorded but i will be checking it out as soon as i return home (tue). drop me an email for more info

From: Brad Smith Entered: 7/22/2005 4:41:12 PM
Subject: I'd be interested as well

I missed it, and didn't catch a recording. I'd also be interested in a copy if someone has it.

From: Geoff Entered: 7/21/2005 10:45:06 PM
Subject: I am looking for a copy of This is sportscenter

I missed the airing of "This is Sportscenter" for this year (aired on Thurs July 21, 2005). I teach television Production at a high school, and I use the show in a lesson, so getting it would be very important. If anyone can help me out, Please email me or AIM me at goph21


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