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ESPN Music/Effects Found

From: sabre1041 Entered: 7/6/2005 12:35:29 AM
Subject: Themes

I have found a bit of music that might interest some of you...

Intro to Who's #1 Theme

Then and Now Theme

And I saved the best for last....

SportsCenter Sound Effects

The order of the Effects:

Top 10 Intro and Number
Fact or Fiction
Complete Sound Effect of Did You Know
Closing Number
Sportscenter Update
Sunday Conversation
Special Report

From: Darkleno Entered: 7/11/2005 4:14:11 PM
Subject: THANK YOU!

I have been looking for all those for so long! Great work!

From: Anonymous Entered: 8/4/2005 8:05:24 PM
Subject: ESPN NASCAR song from 1989

This one is going to be tough folks. I was watching ESPN Classic and saw a NASCAR race from 1989. It was at North Wilkesboro in October. There was a song in the middle that they had some drivers lip sync to called "Short Track Rap". Where on earth can I find this??

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