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ABC Music for BCS games or Super Bowl pre game raiders bucs

From: chris Entered: 4/10/2005 4:42:38 AM
Subject: Anyone know where i can get these themes,

I have been looking for these themes since they were played on TV when they were broadcast. the Super Bowl XXXVII pre game sounded awesome with the orchestra, (not the MNF intro) it was used for the pre and post game. the other was the BCS championship games (ROSE, ORANGE, FIESTA) for 2005. they were not the original ones played every week, these sounded way better with entire orchestra. and since im here what about the NEW NBA on ABC with that orchesta, it will be a big help to get those, KOOZ

From: James Entered: 7/2/2005 12:04:26 PM
Subject: BCS Theme

I'm looking for the BCS Theme for College Football on ABC. Send me a copy if you can find one.

From: jeremy Entered: 1/11/2006 10:08:02 AM
Subject: music

i sent a letter to abc sports and they would not give me the bcs theme i taped the intro last year for ou vs usc and it was the best thing i had ever heard and i missed this years intro so i wanted to get it

From: Jared Entered: 1/16/2006 10:20:24 PM
Subject: Re: To Jeremy

Any chance you can email me the theme you taped from last year?

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