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NEW 2004 CBS College Basketball Theme

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From: Hoopsie Entered: 2/13/2005 1:45:37 AM
Subject: Looking for the NEW CBS NCAA Basketball Song

Since I am virtually addicted to the old CBS NCAA Tourney song, I am in DESPERATE need of finding the new version that they just debuted last season. If anyone can help me find this song I would really appreciate it and could return some other popular sports theme songs in return! Thanks in advance,


From: John Entered: 2/15/2005 9:47:06 PM
Subject: I have it.

Here it is on YouSendIt. It'll be up for 7 days or 25 downloads, whichever comes first. After that, you're out of luck.


From: Hoopsie Entered: 2/15/2005 11:51:22 PM
Subject: John

John, thanks so much. Thanks to you I now at least have a great first version of the song. Please let me know if there is anything that you are looking for and I will do my best to dig it up. I am still looking for the longer version of the same song you had. I am sure there is a long version out there, but it has to be almost impossible to find (at least this early after it first came out). Thanks again for finding the new song and sharing it with me, it is greatly appreciated......

From: Anon Entered: 2/16/2005 8:11:03 PM
Subject: Thanks

Thanks John. It's much appreciated. I don't know if you can be of any help here, but I'm also looking for the following newer themes:

College Basketball on ESPN, ABC
College Football on ESPN, NBC

I would be thankful if you could help me with any of those.

From: Anonymous Entered: 3/11/2005 12:57:50 AM
Subject: Missed it

I've just came across this forum and was wondering if anyone would be willing to send me the new theme

From: Nick Entered: 3/19/2005 7:44:05 AM
Subject: Ncca on cbs

do anyone have the New cbs NCAA theme..if you have the full verison..please im or email me at

From: Anonymous Entered: 3/27/2005 1:40:32 PM
Subject: new cbs ncaa theme

me too.

From: Anonymous Entered: 4/3/2005 6:21:14 PM
Subject: NCAA on CBS theme

Could I get a copy of that from someone as well?

From: Anonymous Entered: 4/8/2005 8:08:51 AM
Subject: CBS NCAA Tourney Music

Can I add my name to the list too?

From: Anonymous Entered: 4/17/2005 9:05:10 PM
Subject: New Theme

Can i Please Hav it too my email:

From: Anonymous Entered: 4/19/2005 7:59:14 PM
Subject: Me too

Me too please...

From: sabre1041 Entered: 5/23/2005 12:20:23 AM
Subject: theme


From: Ryan Entered: 6/25/2005 11:13:49 AM
Subject: New theme

I am willing to exchange the new ABC College Football Song for the new NCAA Basketball on CBS theme.
I have been serching for months without any postitive results.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

From: James Entered: 7/2/2005 12:16:02 PM
Subject: CBS College Basketball Theme Song

Can i have a copy? My email is

From: Anonymous Entered: 8/3/2005 6:59:08 PM
Subject: new cbs theme

could i have a copy?

From: Anonymous Entered: 8/4/2005 10:51:46 PM
Subject: can you send me a copy?

can you send me a copy at

From: Dave Entered: 9/10/2005 1:53:47 PM
Subject: Music

hey i would love all the really appreciate it!

From: Anonymous Entered: 11/5/2005 3:48:45 AM
Subject: Me Too!

That would be awesome if someone could get me a copy of the CBS NCAA Basketball theme! Send to ddonohue(at) Thanks!

From: Mike Entered: 12/9/2005 11:16:19 AM
Subject: None

Has anyone actually received this song yet?

From: Anonymous Entered: 1/2/2006 5:13:15 PM
Subject: Me Too

I too would love a copy of this, if anyone has a moment to send it.

Thanks In Advance

From: Mike Entered: 2/23/2006 2:33:04 PM
Subject: NCAA Theme Song

I've been looking for the NCAA basketball theme song for a few months, if you could either post it or email it to iut would be much appreciated!!


From: Jordan Entered: 2/27/2006 9:46:23 PM
Subject: Searching for this theme

Sigh, wish I had seen this thread the first time around. I've been Googling for this song, and I came across this message board. I wish the guy that had it would post here again, because I'd love to have this. I've been looking for it for quite some time. Well, if anyone has it, my e-mail is Thanks.

From: Jordan Entered: 3/6/2006 11:32:13 AM
Subject: ...

...anyone? :(

From: Jordan Entered: 4/1/2006 12:05:45 PM

Just checking one more time... I'd really like this theme if anyone has it.

From: Anonymous Entered: 9/23/2006 12:10:46 PM
Subject: god...

god... this is going to become like every other thread here... everyone posts an email address asking for music... if someone had it they would upload it .. alot easier than emailing 30 people.... hope you like spam

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