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old "did you know"

From: quagmire Entered: 10/20/2004 1:08:44 AM
Subject: old "did you know"

this is going to be a bit of a longshot...but i had sent in a "did you know" that was read on sportscenter somewhere between december 1995 and january 1996. the "did you know" referenced how artis gilmore was the nba's all time leader in field goal percentage. naturally, i never saw the show when it was allegedly read by craig kilborn, as i was later informed by a friend who had seen it.
would anyone know any way to find out what the exact date of it was (some sort of archive?) and if somehow it is possible to get a copy from espn. like i said, i figure the chances of winning the lottery are better than finding out this exact date, but if anyone has any idea, it would be greatly appreciated.


From: Flyin H Entered: 12/16/2004 11:32:22 PM
Subject: ESPN DATE

O jeez you'd need to contact ESPN directly or drive straight to Bristol to find that out. I didn't know you could send in your own "Did you Know", nice job anyway!

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