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From: Honkus Entered: 9/16/2004 11:07:05 AM
Subject: Nick Bekai???

What's the guys name who does the weekly segment during football season about NFL bets. It's him and his wife. I was wondering:

1. Is he still doing it this year?
2. What day does his segment air?
3. What's his name? I think it's Nick Bekai or something like that.

This guy is freakin hilarious and I love watching his 3 minute a week segment about how he loses his bets. STOINK!

From: Altar Webmaster Entered: 9/17/2004 8:01:17 AM
Subject: Nick Bakay

His name is Nick Bakay, probably most famous for being the voice of Salem on Sabrina the Teenage Witch (IMDB page). I'm not sure if he'll be doing any NFL bits this season, but he's been associated with ESPN for a few years now, so it seems likely.

-- Chris, Altar Webmaster

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