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Charlie hiding from Holyfield

From: Anonymous Entered: 3/13/2002 2:01:45 AM
Subject: Charlie hiding from Holyfield

I can't find this damn commercial anywhere. It's Charlie hiding under his desk because he voted Holyfield #72 in the state.

From: Altar Webmaster Entered: 7/10/2002 2:49:08 PM
Subject: Steiner Commercial

As I was going through the commercial videos on ESPN's site, I found the one you referred to. It can be found at ESPN's "This Is SportsCenter" Archive under the title "Competition".

-- Chris, Altar Webmaster

From: Altar Webmaster Entered: 7/17/2002 11:40:50 AM
Subject: Another Link

I also realized I have a few more links to this commercial in the Video Multimedia section under the title "Competitive at SportsCenter".

-- Chris, Altar Webmaster

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